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The BookWalker | Connecting books to readers
There is a bookwalker for eveRY READER

Bringing meaningful

books to readers retailers readers retailers readers retailers

There is A BookWalker For Every Author

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A publicist’s job is to connect books to readers.

BookWalker for Authors & Partners

Take your book further

We walk your book to readers retailers publishers editors agents designers readers retailers publishers editors agents designers

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Honored and loved by our bestselling and award-winning authors.

Celebrating over 10 years of providing services to authors and exemplary publishers.

We help promote books, build relationships with literary agents, pitch content to acquisition editors, and help bring meaningful books into the marketplace.  Connecting the world to meaningful books, ideas and stories. 

What Makes Us Different

A knowledgeable team changes everything
Connecting the world to meaningful books, ideas and stories that matter
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Significant Reach

Every book has its audience. A publicist's job is to define your audience and connect your book to more readers and retailers.

Dedicated Support

Every author is different and every writer wants to work in different ways. Experience having a dedicated support.

International Reach

Go beyond borders. Let our BookWalker build up your book's presence in targeted territories. Promote your book globally, like a local.

Managed Campaigns

Experience having a team representing your book. It could spell the difference.

Dedicated Professionals

Often, a knowledgeable team is the difference between a book sitting on the shelves and doing nothing or flying up the bestseller list!

Acquisition Alert

Get notified when an agent says they are looking for your book.

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Connecting the world to meaningful books, ideas and stories that matter

Representing your book has a meaningful impact

This is our why

Every book we represent provides hope to a child and supports our Green Sea turtle ocean project.

Your contribution helps our advocacies. 

We have started our little greening project by planting trees to reduce our carbon footprint.

Close to our hearts, we set our focus on helping children’s charities and orphanages, bringing books, smiles, joys, and hopes.

Representing your book has an even meaningful impact.

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The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein The BookWalker
Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein’s

Someone said this beautifully ‘we cannot open a book without learning something,’ indeed, I find the maxim to be true. Each time we pick a book and read, we improve our lives by living in the author’s world, on how the writer perceives the world, learning the lesson the author wants to impart. Last Thanksgiving, I’ve

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Frankly, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story— Mr. Rogers

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