Book Walker:  “We Walk Your Book”

Book Walker is staffed by independent booksellers, writers, and bloggers who share the common goal of giving aspiring artists a chance to have the needed 'visibility' online and in print. We help writers and authors find their intended audience for their works.

Our writers are responsible for the many articles you probably have read in leading magazines and publications. They have the years of experience in author branding, creative writing, and content development. 

Learn what our booksellers can share with you as we connect you with our trade partners for book promotion & bookselling needs, book display, exhibits and book signing events. 

We aim to level the playing field and let indie titles compete alongside books from traditional publishers and heavily funded self-published titles.

We're happy to play a role in the growth of the  book publishing and  the creative industry. No matter your goal, your budget, the size and nature of your audience, our services are so simple and specific.

Our services

  • Book Cover Feature- Single run 

  • Book Cover Feature- with email campaign 

  • Book Cover Feature Placement  with write-ups and review 

  • Content Development & Blogging Services

  • Platform Building for authors

  • Custom Coverage

For details and  information about our services, please email us at [email protected] or drop us a line at 1-877-273-7003.