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The BookWalker Team
Our Role In the creative ecosystem

The Team

With over six decades of combined industry expertise, our core team stands at the forefront. We’re happy to play a role in the growth of the book publishing and creative industry. No matter your book’s genre, goal, budget, nature, and size of your audience, we have services curated for your pre or post-publishing and marketing needs.

We are a book aggregator. We help promote books, build relationships with literary agents, liaise and pitch content to acquisition editors, and help bring meaningful books into the marketplace. 

Our Mission

The People

The Book Walker is staffed by independent booksellers, writers, authors, publicists, book designers, editors, vloggers, and bloggers who share the common goal of giving aspiring and established artists the chance to have the needed ‘visibility’ online and in print.  We help writers and authors find their intended audience for their crafts, ideas and stories.

We aim to level the playing field and let emerging titles compete alongside books from traditional publishers and heavily funded self-published titles. 

The BookWalker Team
Our Role In the creative ecosystem

The Experience

Our BookWalkers are responsible for some bestselling books you probably have read. They have the years of experience in author branding, marketing, creative writing, and content development.

Learn what our BookWalkers can share with you as we help you promote your book and connect you with our trade partners for book exhibits, book signing events, pre & post-publishing and marketing needs.

The marketing and publishing teams at The BookWalker exist to support writers at every stage of their careers.

Our Why

The Community

Every book we represent provides hope to a child and supports our  Green Sea Turtle Ocean Project. Your contribution helps our advocacies. 

Close to our hearts, we set our focus on supporting children’s charities and orphanages, bringing books, smiles, joys, and hopes.

Representing your book has an even meaningful impact.

Connecting Books

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The BookWalker Virtual Assistant Team
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