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Lee Thayer's Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing


“ Habits own us and until we self examine our behaviors driven by our habits you won't get where you want to go. The essence of change is self examination. Not a book you can sit down and read but must take in small increments and refer back to it often. Nothing on leadership even comes close to the practical exercises this book offers. Highly recommend it.”— Emeran J. Leonar

Dr. Thayer s career as a pioneer and influential innovator in the design and development of high-performance organizations —  and in the kind of leadership required of the top executive to achieve that  has spanned more than four decades. It has often been observed that he has rattled more CEOs cages than anyone else. Having come from a high-level executive position in industry himself, coupled with his experience as a jazz performer and arranger and his university degrees in the humanities, engineering, and psychology, Dr. Thayer has developed a revolutionary and practical framework for understanding what it takes to lead the way to great organizations, expressively in the "how" as much as the "why". 

Dr. Lee Thayer has authored several books including, How Executives Fail, The Good Leader, How Leaders Think, Leaders and Leadership, Leadership Virtuosity, The Myth of “The Leader”, and The Competent Organization to mention a few. Lee is currently working on a few more pages to finish his upcoming book Making Competent Organizations. The book takes  a 'second look' at Lee's The Competent OrganizationThis book is about how the chief executive and everyone else directly involved needs to think about transforming an "okay" organization into a fully competent one.

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Leadership,Poems& Inspirational Books