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Book Talk: The First Day of School Kelley Rice

The First Day of School Kelley Rice The BookWalker

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When the early childhood—the pre-schoolers or early school-aged— children go to school for the first time, it takes an ounce of energy for both parents and the kids.

These little youngsters tend to think— school is no fun—is what Kelley Rice’s The First Day of School would like to prove them wrong.

The 24-page storybook tells the story of a little boy as he airs his sentiment on his first day of school. The narration is conversationally done and uses a first-person point of view.

Readers can feel as if the main character is talking right beside them. Easy to relate, the book mirrors your child’s anxiety. When you and your child flip the pages —what a relief to know that somehow somebody understands them! In the end, your child will feel that schooling can be as fun as staying at home.

The author writes the child’s thoughts in a few short sentences that are easy to follow on one page; the beautiful full-page illustration on the next helps complement the book.

As an elementary school teacher, author Kelley Rice’s extensive experience shows her concern, as reflected in the book, on how youngsters feel every time they go to school on their first day.

The thought of summer is gone, and now doing homework and other school tasks leave no more time to play.

As time goes by, with the teacher’s loving smile, friendly classmates, and fun-filled activities—school can be like home, too.

Illustrations give voice to make a meaningful expression. An added page or two showing group activities with children’s playfulness sprinkled with brighter colors in the room, and an engaging teacher will complete the look of the school as fun.

Kelley Rice’s tender exploration of a little boy’s thoughts and feelings during the first day of school will tug at your heartstrings—a book children and adults will enjoy!

24 Pages
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1796049701
Reading age: ‎ 5 - 6 years

Kelley Rice is an elementary school teacher. She has been educating students for over twenty years. She is also a mother to one amazing daughter. Kelley loves spending time with her family and camping. She is the author of the book," The First Day of School." She currently lives in Compton, California.

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