The Dream Champion by Lesley Fisher

“The Dream Champion” is story about a young boy named Max G who has horrifying nightmares. He has had these nightmares since his accident, where he was struck down by a car.

Every night in his dreams, he finds he is battling a different scary creature, but has learned how to battle them over the course of time. Now that he has learned how to battle them and become very good at it, he learns the reason behind all the nightmares.

Two gods want to recruit him into fighting their creatures in the dream world. The only problem is, is that the gods want him to battle the creatures in the real world.

Max G finds himself in a most horrifying predicament, the gods have given him no choice, he is to battle these creatures every night, but Max G does not know how. The gods have not told him how, he is to find a way on his own or die!

“The dream Champion” is a wonderful fictional story that is action packed and full of wonders.

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