July 19, 2018



A cook's companion. What's your definition of a good cookbook? Or perhaps the more fitting question should be, ' when was the last time you cook in the companion of a cookbook?'Listening to my colleagues exchanging opinions on MSG and what's a complete meal replacement diet is a lesson in how to enjoy a good meal and a good company. I always hunt magazines and my mother's shelves for easy-to-follow recipes not for beginners but for someone wanting to experience the joy of preparing food. Got some point...

June 21, 2018


Have you ever been disappointed? When our expectations don't turn out the way we thought and planned it should be, how can we survive? Here's a story I want to share with you from Lorraine Piotrowski, in her book, “ Love The Journey Now.

Lorraine Piotrowski began having spiritual reflections while going through a very stressful time in her life and started writing them down and filled in many notebooks. She was attending a writers group at the time and decided to turn her writings into a book. Her jour...

June 21, 2018


Would you know what's inside a giant electric machine? I never thought I would have the chance to play alongside Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison in the realm of the ' war of currents.' John Guiliano in his books, Inside The Giant Electric Machine series, brilliantly allows readers to participate in an adventure. This is not about AC/DC. This is about wandering inside the giant electric machine.

This is the story of how Inside The Giant Electric Machine was born. "As a young boy growing up in the Philadel...

June 13, 2018


Are you harboring anger and hatred in your heart that you cannot forgive the person who has hurt you? Life is too short, don't waste it on negative emotion. 

It was summer of 2015. My dad and I were en route to the best vacation we ever had planned together; 18 days on the Caribbean of beach, sand and good times. On the plane, my dad had a chest pain. He didn't bother to tell me or anyone. He kept it to himself.  On arrival, his skin was cold to the touch, pale and white as paper. He was sweating profusel...

May 23, 2018

 On Our Way to the Seventh Day of Creation by Donnia Treat Bradley


Was there a moment in your life when you felt discouraged, afraid and lost? A moment when you feel that you need to find your life's purpose and the meaning of everything? You are not alone. No matter at what point you are in your life right now; the carefree 20's or the confused 40's or the calm 60's, at some point in our lives, the question pops up; some remain unpursued, some forgotten, some lingers on...waiting to be answered.  La...

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The UnHoneymooners by Christina Lauren.j
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