August 13, 2019

Laid off from his job, Damián Lobo obsessively imagines himself as a celebrity being interviewed on TV. After committing an act of petty theft at an antiques market, he finds himself trapped inside a wardrobe and delivered to the seemingly idyllic home of a husband, wife, and their internet-addicted teenage daughter. There, he sneaks from the shadows to serve as an invisible butler, becoming deeply and disastrously involved with his unknowing host family. Every thread of the plot is ingeniously tied together, creating a potent admi...

July 22, 2019


A sharply intelligent, explosively honest, and laugh-out-loud funny look at the state of masculinity and how to be a man, for fans of Jon Ronson and Matt Haig.

“Hilarious . . . Samuels is an excellent guide and analyst. He also strives to be solutions-oriented in discussing fatherhood, dating, mental health, aging, gender roles, and other very sensitive topics (for men).”

―Foreword Reviews

This is the story

If ever there was an urgent need for a frank understanding of what's going on with men, it is now. Mal...

July 19, 2019

“I was sexually abused.” The confession was out of place in a café full of patrons craving for their afternoon lattes. In a corner, Erica must have been a sight, crying unabashedly for hours, shaking visibly to her core, clutching tightly the arms of the mentor who was there to listen and comfort. But none of the stares she must have elicited mattered. After years of holding back her tears and reining in her fears, that afternoon was a welcomed relief—she was finally free from her secret. Her relief, however, was not a suture th...

July 14, 2019

The Piano Tuner’s Daughter: My Best Friend by Ingrid Silvian. " A stirring story about two girls, one Jewish and one Christian, torn apart during World War II." — TheBookWalker This is the story Ingrid’s mother needed her grand piano tuned, and she asked the piano tuner for his help. The piano tuner brought along his daughter, Sonia, and Sonia met Ingrid. Since then, the girls became best friends. Sonia and Ingrid spent many times playing hide-and-seek in the massive basement that Sonia’s father converted to a worksh...

June 21, 2019

While there are myriad reference materials and forums to help military spouses prepare for military life, much is left undiscussed. Faith and spiritual life are rarely talked about—how you need God's unfailing grace to survive, because, in spite the excitement of seeing new places, seeing new faces and the promises of forever—together, nothing is ever easy about any marriage. Even more of a marriage to a military serviceman or woman. Martha E. H. Franklin, author of My Life and Spiritual Growth as a Military Spouse, married Ky...

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The UnHoneymooners by Christina Lauren.j
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