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Than Trans' Divine Love-Life Love-Human Love: My Mother Is My Aunt-in-Law


Divine Love – Life Love – Human Love: My Mother Is My Aunt-in-Law is a practical, social, pastoral, spiritual, and theological novel. It is about the story of a girl who was brought up by her foster mother. She did not know that her foster mother was not her natural mother until the mother had passed away, because she had always loved and cared for her wholeheartedly, tenderly, and sincerely. From a girl who did not have much faith in God, the daughter had changed unbelievably to have strong faith in the Creator and to be willing and desiring to serve people around her. She decided to give her life to God by entering a convent to become a nun, and she also remained serving people tirelessly in her vocation as a doctor.


The conversion of her life happened through the way she felt and understood the wonderful love of her foster and natural mothers for her and the unconditional love of God for her and for humanity. Through this story, the author wishes that the readers may be moved and begin to think about the grace and love of God for them and for the whole human race. He wants all people to slow down the ways they live their lives and learn to feel more, to feel more about others, about themselves, about life, about the meaning of their existence and living, and especially to feel more about God’s love for them.

Life Changing Books: We pick the best read for you!

Life Changing Books | Don't Fail To Read

Rob Yule's Restoring the Fortunes of Zion


Restoring the Fortunes of Zion tells the dramatic story of the reemergence of Israel onto the stage of modern history—from the genocidal fury of the Holocaust to its extraordinary survival in face of regional hostility and global contempt. It shows how the return of the Jewish people from two millennia of exile realizes with uncanny accuracy the visions of the biblical prophets, and explores what this signifies for the future. 

"Rob Yule brings together accessible scholarship—biblical, historical, geographical, political and theological—with strong advocacy, to create a book that I found riveting and moving.

What the readers are saying

"I commend Restoring the Fortunes of Zion to all those who wish for a clearer sense of Israel, its emergence from desolation to vitality and those who helped and hindered its progress. It is an exceptionally valuable resource." 
—Dame Lesley Max, Auckland


"The publication of Restoring the Fortunes of Zion is extraordinarily timely and vital for our understanding of current world events. It enables us to better understand from a biblical perspective what has happened in Israel's past, what is happening in Israel today, as well as what is going to happen to Israel in the future." 
—Revd. Murray Dixon, Palmerston North  

"Rob Yule's book weaves together a carefully researched, erudite, scholarly but eminently readable and fascinating account of Israel. He intertwines and interprets the history, politics, military strategy, theology and culture of the region, in the past, present and future! The sweep of his vision is as breath-taking as the intriguing subject matter that he covers." 
—Revd. Owen Hoskin, Auckland

Life Changing Books: We pick the best read for you!

Life Changing Books | Don't Fail To Read

 Mike Robbins's 365 Inspirational Quotes

Featuring a foreword by motivational speaker Mike Robbins, Inspirational Quotes offers daily doses of wit and wisdom, from beloved authors and musicians to notable philosophers and politicians. Prepare for a diverse collection of inspirational quotes that will infuse your day with appreciation and encouragement.

There’s no right or wrong way to read 365 Inspirational Quotes. Dive in from day one, read it backwards, or pick a page at random. Whatever your method, you’ll receive the same nuggets of inspiration covering a wide-range of themes: from embracing creativity to sustaining spirituality to falling in love—plus inspirational quotes tailored to the major U.S. holidays, and even some of the little ones (like April Fool's Day).

Perfectly sized for a nightstand staple or an on-the-go guide, 365 Inspirational Quotes makes the ideal companion as you start or end your day—or whenever you need an uplifting pick-me-up.

Life Changing Books

Life Changing Books: We pick the best read for you!

Life Changing Books | Don't Fail To Read

Eric Butterworth's Practical Metaphysics: A New Insight in Truth

The author of Discover the Power Within You shares his profound insights on living metaphysically. Through lectures, meditations, and activities, Butterworth's Practical Metaphysics will awaken you to the centered place of your own truth and offer you paths to health, love, prosperity, and peace of mind. 

Increase your spiritual awareness and improve your life with this inspiring collection of lessons created by the gifted minister and teacher.

Life Changing Books: We pick the best read for you!

Life Changing Books | Don't Fail To Read

Julia Astra Ferro's Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path

This book offers a basic knowledge of spirituality. It answers questions that have been presented to the author over many years of facilitating workshops, giving talks, and seminars both in the UK and internationally. It also gives us guidance in how to find the inner self.

Here is a quote from the book: 

As we continue the path and we start stripping off the layers that bind us, we will notice a different us emerging. That new person may be a little unfamiliar, a little uncertain, but at least it's a more honest person. Gradually we get to know this person better, and as our confidence builds up, we will find an inner surge of strength and fortitude to carry on even more strongly in our search. This inner person is the real us--the beautiful light that has been hidden behind the scars, the jewel that has been polished by all the experiences of our struggles and battles, the rose that has been waiting to blossom by all the fruits of our endeavours, the one true being who is one with the universe.

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