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Pilgrimage Poems By Randy Stoltz

Pilgrimage Poems By Randy Stoltz

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After years of struggling, disturbed by cares in this world, Randy Stoltz has come home. This book, Pilgrimage Poems, reflects the author’s sojourn in this life.

“I went on a walk, / to bring outside inside, / by mountains and trees, / there, treasure troves hide. The rivers flow free; there is nothing to buy—I went on a walk to bring outside inside.”

The natural feelings of fear, separation, and walking through the right path in God’s loving hands—there is nothing more joyful than embracing God’s graces and loving-kindness.

Randy’s eventful journey of ups and downs and working his way through his soulful connection and devotion with the Divine, meant to be shared, give birth to writing these awe-inspiring 47 poems.

The author invites the readers to walk with him through the poems and immerse into the breath of life—the birds’ song, the crows’ calls, the firs’ reach, light wind, the gentle breeze, the sun’s dance, the changing season.

As you leaf through the pages, nature beckons you to embrace the stillness—that there is beauty in silence—and casts away your fears and is ever ready to envelop you to its warmth.

While you immerse through the spirit-lifting words, feel the soothing comforts of nature’s wonders replenish your weary bones and weakened spirit and make you whole again.

After digesting Randy’s literary, poetic expressions and looking at the author’s choice of landscape and images captured in the lens, there is no doubt readers will feel reborn, shedding the old skin like that of the snake—to allow for further growth. As the skin stretches, so do man’s faculties to renew and reach out to its full potential in God’s glory.

Randy’s Pilgrimage Poems is an avenue for the souls searching for a haven to reflect on what is truly essential in this fast-paced troubled world.

These poems are a great way to commune with God through nature’s splendor, as depicted in the entire book of poems.

Pilgrimage Poem is a well-presented book: neatly laid-out poems in different fonts so pleasing to the eyes. The literary, poetical pieces are simple, and they speak from the heart.

A way to go to breathe God’s breath of wisdom, Pilgrimage Poems is—a gem that is worth keeping.

Nice set of reflections printed over thought provoking pictures and scenes. Very nice, Randy!— Amazon Reader’s Review

Great book, really puts life into words. The poems in this book puts a perspective on everyday life, hard comings, loss, happiness , and faith all together. This is a MUST read. —Matthew Cravenho, Amazon Reader’s Review

Truth is simple. We are all on a pilgrimage in this life; all on different levels of understanding. I pray this book blesses many on the sojourn of life as we become more aware of the presence of God in our daily walk. I look forward to the author’s next book. —Connie L. Green, Amazon Reader’s Review

60 Pages
Christian Poetry 

Randy has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and a minor in Biblical languages. He has over 25 years of church life involvement. Randy has long contended with the frustrations and tensions of incorporating his love and service of God with his job responsibilities and the challenging dynamics in personal relationships. In recent years, out of necessity, the author has discovered and incorporated contemplative prayer to navigate these life stresses and deeper experience the love and presence of God. He and his wife live in Salem and have six adult children.

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