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Question: Why do some good books sell and others don't?

A good book can change lives, but readers can’t read a book they can’t find. 

Readers have a memory like a goldfish—that is the psychographics of readers across all genres—the fond memories of any book marketing seen eight seconds ago will likely fade from their consciousness. Statistically, readers don’t buy books immediately after seeing an advert—they need to be reminded (at least 15-20 more times) why they must read your book. But how can you re-target the same ideal readers without spending so much on marketing? The answer? Collaborative Marketing. Please read: Pros & Cons of Collaborative Marketing.

Quiz Time!: Who is more likely to buy, read & love your book?

A. Everyone?

B. Every reader?

C. A reader who has recently purchased a book similar to yours?

It’s an obvious truth: “Everyone” is not a target audience, and marketing to “every reader” is ineffective, expensive, and illogical. It is undisputed that a mailing list is indispensable. Success leaves clues—ask any authors who made it on top of the chart and they will tell you about the mailing list.

We understand that not every author has the resources to hire a reputable agency or the patience and time to build their readers’ mailing lists.  But it is the only sensible, meaningful, and effective way to promote your book—to appeal, connect, and create relationships with readers actively seeking books like yours. Don’t go looking for “everyone”.  Find readers who are looking for your book!  But how do you find your ideal readers?  That’s the benefit of Ride-On marketing.  You’re plugging and tapping into a pool of readers looking for books similar to yours without starting from scratch and heavy upfront costs.

Give your book the chance!

Join Now! It's a three-part series.

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1. Ride-On Marketing

Simply Explained: Ride-on marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your book, build your brand, and generate buzz without having to create your marketing from scratch.  It’s collaborative marketing with other established authors.  It means your book is co-promoted, introduced and endorsed to a highly engaged readers. That’s the first part of the series—a direct to readers.

Haro Placement: WHAT IS IT?

2. Bonus: Outreach & Media Placement

Service Description:  Get the chance to be featured in top-tier media outlets. Our Author Outreach and Media Placement service is designed to help authors connect with journalists and secure valuable media placements through the Help a Reporter Out (HARO) platform. This is the second part of the series. Please read program specifics from the FAQs section below.

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The BookWalker_Virtual Assistant For Authors Program
Books-In-Focus: What Is It?

3. Bonus: Books-In-Focus

Influence the influencers:  Books-In-Focus is not just a newsletter; it’s a platform for building meaningful connections. It is not just circulated among readers; it’s a literary dossier that reaches the desks of book influencers, acquisition editors, and literary agents, ensuring your work is on the radar of those who shape the literary landscape. Connect with bookstores, literary influencers, acquisition editors, and literary agents who can propel your career to new heights! This is the third part of the series!   Please read program specifics from the FAQs section below.

Do you have questions?

Below, you may find common questions about the Books-In-Focus, Ride-On Marketing and Outreach & Media Placement. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email us at

Ride-on marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your book, build your brand, and generate buzz without having to create your marketing from scratch and breaking the bank.  It’s collaborative marketing with other established authors; your book is co-promoted, introduced, and endorsed to highly engaged and appreciative readers.  Ride-On, a.k.a. piggyback marketingco-marketing, or partnership marketing, is a marketing strategy that involves collaborating with another author who already has an established readership to reach a larger audience.

The Ride-On is the first part of the series.

No, Ride-On marketing and email marketing are not the same. The principle is the same—sending out emails—but with Ride-On marketing, you’re engaging with a highly primed and receptive readership, unlike in regular email marketing, where emails are sent to unvetted addresses.  Partnering and collaborating with authors to co-promote your book can give you access to new readers that you may not have been able to reach otherwise. 

Readers/subscribers of participating | collaborating authors will be engaged via email, co-promoting and endorsing your book repeatedly to minimum targeted readers of 90,000 (max 120,000) seven times over 120-160 days, e.g., 90,000 subscribers x 7 times.  It’s a drip-type series ( sequence of 3 ) of emails with A/B testing per mail out.  Please note: Set with the highest engagement will re-run automatically 7x.

The Ride-On program has three schedules ( Sequence A, B, C). Every SCHEDULE has 5-7 mailouts/tranches.   

Note: Partner participating author(s) will endorse your book to their readers/subscribers/fan base. 


  • Increased Exposure: Partnering with other authors in the related genre can help you reach a wider audience and promote your book to readers who may not have been aware of it otherwise.
  • Cost-effective: Partnering with other authors is more cost-effective than running a marketing campaign on your own, especially if the other partners have a larger marketing budget.
  • Added Credibility: Associating your book with reputable and established authors can help improve your credibility.
  • Networking Opportunities: Partnering with a well-known author could introduce you to their agents, publishers, and media contacts, expanding your network within the literary community.  If readers respond well to your book, you get direct access to the primary presenter/author’s publisher/literary agency. **


  • Lack of Control: It’s their mailing lists. Although we manage and have access to their reader’s mailing list, it’s not ours, not yours.  It means outside of the agreed design, schedule, setting, and sending parameters; we need the owners’ approval.

We encourage routing CTAs links to Amazon.  Readers are most likely to make a purchase when they are comfortable with the sites. 

Successful marketing efforts can open doors to a multitude of opportunities beyond book sales.  

Collaborations with other authors can open opportunities for more media appearances, speaking engagements, and publishing deals.

When you collaborate with known authors, you benefit from the primary presenter’s networks and connections, including their literary agency and publisher— basically, you’re sending them a signal, ‘check my book,’ but without going through the usual channels.

Collaborating with other authors positions you for potential partnerships, adaptation opportunities, and invitations to literary events.

We need 10-20 business days to prepare the materials ( images for upload, book blurb, etc.) and inform the other participating author(s) and their marketing teams.  Ride-On marketing program runs for 120 days targeting a minimum of 90,000 0 ( maximum 120,000 ) subscribers of the participating authors.  The program has three schedules ( Schedule A, B, and C ).  You will be copied in every second mailout of every schedule ( A, B, C ) but NOT in every mailout ( otherwise, you’ll receive 90,000-120,000 emails seven times over. ) 

There are two types of fulfillment reports:

1. Auto-generated reports are forwarded 10-15 business days after the end of the mailout schedule. 

2.Summary of Performance report(s) will be emailed 20 business days after the end of the program/campaign.

Well, the short answer: It works great! 

Here’s the science (the boring part):

You are engaging with readers who have explicitly expressed interest in a particular theme, genre, sub-genre, and topics similar to your book, achieved through opt-ins, where they voluntarily subscribe to a mailing list.

Statistically, the engagement rate with readers who opted-in is very high.  Nothing beats a healthy mailing list, not even T.V. or social media—the reason big publishing houses and companies across industries invest a lot in subscriber acquisition.

A one-time discounted fee of $450.  Important Note:  The fees become NON-REFUNDABLE AFTER the initial fulfillment/first mailout/first tranche.  At this stage, we have already engaged other book aggregators and influencers for the placement of your book(s).

Some books may get additional exposure, e.g., featured books, Author-in-Focus write-ups.  Click here for focus write-ups.

What is HARO?

In brief, H.A.R.O. is a platform that connects journalists, reporters, segment producers, and content creators with source(s) for their stories, articles, and T.V. programs. 

How it works? 

Journalists post queries on the platform, detailing the types of sources they need and the topics they cover.   Our publicists will comb through these requests, searching for the perfect match between your expertise/book theme and the journalist’s needs.  When a suitable query arises, our publicists craft personalized and compelling pitches to capture the journalist’s attention.


  • Pitch Development: Our experienced team will craft compelling and concise pitches that grab journalists’ attention. We understand what journalists are looking for and can tailor your pitches accordingly.
  • Content Creation: We create high-quality content (articles or blog posts) that aligns with your book or expertise and can be submitted to journalists as part of your pitch.  Click here to view sample blog post.
  • Pitch Distribution: We’ll actively monitor HARO queries related to your book & chosen topics and distribute prepared pitches to ( relevant queries ) journalists on your behalf. This saves you time and increases your chances of getting noticed by the media.
  • Response Management: We’ll manage all responses to your pitches, ensuring timely and professional communication with journalists.  Our goal is to facilitate smooth interactions and secure media placements for you.

Success Stories

Your Media Pitch (Bonus) is a three-cycle pitch  Our publicist will find three suitable HARO posts/queries to pitch.  We only focus on queries that closely align with your expertise and the topics covered in your book.  Responding to queries that are a good fit will increase your chances of being selected by journalists.  

The HARO pitch is to be completed within twelve (12) months.  HARO is a competitive platform; not every response/pitch we submit will lead to media coverage.  

Many of our authors and publishers have shared their success stories related to HARO.  Some have reported securing interviews on major TV networks, being featured in prestigious magazines and newspapers, and gaining substantial book sales boosts due to media exposure obtained through HARO.

Most of the authors we have the chance to represent continue to garner reviews and attention even after the campaign’s completion.  To learn more about HARO click here.


What is the Books-In-Focus Segment?

Embark on a literary journey like never before with our exclusive Books-In-Focus segment–a bi-monthly Newsletter meticulously crafted to showcase and celebrate meaningful books of our time.  

The Books-In-Focus segment Newsletters are sent to our readers and literary partners, e.g., bookstores, book influencers, acquisition editors, and literary agents. Books-In-Focus is a great way to let readers discover your book and inform bookstores, literary pundits, and influencers. 

What makes the Books-In-Focus special?

  • Tailored Exposure: Your book deserves more than just a fleeting glance. In Books-In-Focus, we dedicate three months to spotlight your masterpiece; it’s a sustained campaign designed to be memorable & remarkable. This is not just a newsletter; it’s a dedicated showcase that ensures your work receives the attention it deserves. Watch as your book gains traction and recognition even after the initial showcase.
  • Connect with Readers: We understand the importance of reaching your target audience. Through Books-In-Focus, your book will find its way into the hands of avid readers, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional marketing. Let your words resonate with those who matter the most–your readers.
  •  Influence the Influencers: Books-In-Focus is not just circulated among readers; it’s a literary dossier that reaches the desks of book influencers, acquisition editors, and literary agents, ensuring your work is on the radar of those who shape the literary landscape.
  • Unveil Your Masterpiece: We understand the power of a well-timed reveal. Books-In-Focus gives your book the grand unveiling it deserves, creating a buzz that echoes through bookstores, literary circles, and beyond.
  • Targeted Marketing: Don’t let your book get lost in the sea of releases. Books-In-Focus strategically targets your audience, ensuring that your book aligns with the preferences of our discerning readers and the industry’s key players.
  • Building Relationships: Books-In-Focus is not just a newsletter; it’s a platform for building meaningful connections. Connect with bookstores, literary influencers, acquisition editors, and literary agents who can propel your career to new heights. Seize the opportunity to make your mark in the literary world with Books-In-Focus. Let your words resonate, your story captivate, and your book soar to new heights. The literary spotlight awaits – are you ready to step into it?
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