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Quiz Time: Who is more likely to buy, read & love your book?

A. Everyone?

B. Every reader?

C. A reader who has recently purchased a book similar to yours and subscribes to some other author's mailing list?

It’s an obvious truth: “Everyone” is not a target audience, and marketing to “every reader” is ineffective and expensive. Not every author has the resources to promote their books to ‘everyone.’ The only sensible way to ‘market’ is to appeal to readers seeking books like yours.  But how do you find your ideal readers?  That’s the benefit of Ride-On marketing. You’re plugging and tapping into a pool of readers looking for books similar to yours without starting from scratch.

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Ride-On Marketing

Simply Explained: Ride-on marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your book, build your brand, and generate buzz without having to create your marketing from scratch.  It’s collaborative marketing with other authors.  It means your book is co-promoted, introduced and endorsed to a highly engaged readers. 

Ride-on marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your book, build your brand, and generate buzz without having to create your marketing from scratch.  It’s collaborative marketing with other authors; your book is co-promoted, introduced, and endorsed to highly engaged and appreciative readers.  Ride-On, a.k.a. piggyback marketingco-marketing, or partnership marketing, is a marketing strategy that involves collaborating with another author who already has an established readership to reach a larger audience.

No, Ride-On marketing and email marketing are not the same. The principle is the same—sending out emails—but with Ride-On marketing, you’re engaging with a highly primed and receptive readership, unlike in regular email marketing, where emails are sent to unvetted addresses.  Partnering and collaborating with authors to co-promote your book can give you access to new readers that you may not have been able to reach otherwise. 

Readers/subscribers of participating | collaborating authors will be engaged via email, co-promoting and endorsing your book repeatedly to minimum targeted readers of 90,000 (max 120,000) seven times over 120 days, e.g., 90,000 subscribers x 7 times.  It’s a drip-type series ( sequence of 3 ) of emails with A/B testing.  Please note: Set with the highest engagement will re-run automatically 7x.  Participating authors will endorse your book to their readers. 


  • Increased Exposure: Partnering with other authors or companies in the related genre can help you reach a wider audience and promote your book to readers who may not have been aware of it otherwise.
  • Cost-effective: Partnering with other authors is more cost-effective than running a marketing campaign on your own, especially if the other partners have a larger marketing budget.
  • Added Credibility: Associating your book with reputable and established authors can help improve your credibility.


  • Lack of Control: It’s their mailing lists. Although we manage and have access to their reader’s mailing list, it’s not ours, not yours.  It means outside of the agreed design, schedule, setting, and sending parameters; we need the owners’ approval.

Successful marketing efforts can open doors to a multitude of opportunities beyond book sales.  

Collaborations with other authors can open opportunities for more media appearances, speaking engagements, and publishing deals.

When you collaborate with known authors, you benefit from the primary presenter’s networks and connections, including their literary agency and publisher— basically, you’re sending them a signal, ‘check my book,’ but without going through the usual channels.

Collaborating with other authors positions you for potential partnerships, adaptation opportunities, and invitations to literary events

We encourage routing CTAs links to Amazon.  Readers are most likely to make a purchase when they are comfortable with the sites. 

We need 7-15 business days to pair your book with participating authors.  Ride-on marketing program runs for 120 days targeting a minimum of 90,000 subscribers of participating authors ( maximum 120,000 ).  You will be copied in every email every schedule ( A, B, C ) but NOT in every mail outs ( otherwise, you’ll receive 90,000 emails seven times over. ) 

Performance report(s) will be emailed 10 days after the end of the program/campaign.

Well, the short answer: It works great! 

Here’s the science (the boring part):

You are engaging with readers who have explicitly expressed interest in a particular theme, genre, sub-genre, and topics similar to your book, achieved through opt-ins, where they voluntarily subscribe to a mailing list.

Statistically, the engagement rate with readers who opted-in is very high. Nothing beats a healthy mailing list, not even T.V. or social media—the reason big publishing houses and companies across industries invest a lot in subscriber acquisition.

A one-time discounted fee of $250. 

Some books may get additional exposure, e.g., featured books, Author-in-Focus write-ups. Click here for focus write-ups.

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