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December 24, 2017

Editor's Letter



Someone said this beautifully 'we cannot open a book without learning something', indeed I find the maxim to be true. Each time we pick a book and read we improved our lives by living in the author's world, on how the writer perceives the world, learning the lesson the author wants to impart. Last thanksgiving, I've been reading The Giving Tree, Shel Silvertien's classic children's book as an  assignment, reading the book to my nephews and nieces. As you may remember, it's about a tree and a young boy who loves to climb it and rest in its shade. As the boy gets older, the tree gives him anything he wants―even the tree's  own trunk to be carved into a boat to sail away. Now, after many years the 'boy' comes back as an old man and the tree despairs that he has nothing left to give.“ I do not need much now, just a place to rest”. My voice always quavers each and everytime I get to the last page,the idea that one could give so selflessly and get nothing in return is so inspiring.

In this Gift Giving season, in partnership with our trade partners,we also hope to give. We are currently running freemiums to the first 30 chosen titles. Cover Feature program is set to run until March 2018. For inquiry, please email Isa at




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