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On Our Way to the Seventh Day of Creation by Donnia Treat Bradley

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Was there a moment in your life when you felt discouraged, afraid and lost? A moment when you feel that you need to find your life's purpose and the meaning of everything? You are not alone. No matter at what point you are in your life right now; the carefree 20's or the confused 40's or the calm 60's, at some point in our lives, the question pops up; some remain unpursued, some forgotten, some lingers on...waiting to be answered. Lately, in my personal quest to find meaning, the book On Our Way to the Seventh Day of Creation, by miracle or accident find its way to my desk. I thought it would just be another task, another assignment to take, just another day at work, but it came to me as a blessing; a gift of inner peace!

We also hope to give you the gift of inner peace. Include the book On Our Way to the Seventh Day of Creation to your books-to-read list this summer. The book, On Our Way to the Seventh Day of Creation, shed light on many the questions I had in life.

The author, Donnia Bradley speaks and writes from experience. She takes on the subject even preachers and leaders do find difficult to answer. Donnia Bradley shares her reasons; ' One of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life was simply asking people questions about statements in the Bible because my life was about the Word of God. People and preachers rarely had any answers except ' you have to just have faith'. With all the suffering in the world, as I was a child, it did not seem that faith was doing the job.' So I went in search of my own answers, and this book is the surprising result. My first surprise was that it seemed the Bible followed Darwin's Theory up until that followed quantum physics. Then I noticed that Genesis gave the entire creation of life from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:4 and then it seemed to start an entirely new book and go into the process of how it was done. I spent almost fifty years reading and studying and one day I realized we are still in the sixth day of creation. Man has not reached the age of perfection yet. This is also in agreement with the ages of man and the ice age. It was at this time that I felt compelled to put into a book.

As James Keller said, ' A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.' Donnia Bradley, unselfishly devoted her time to write the book and share her answers to the same questions we seek to find answer for... and with a bonus.

What Readers Say

“Ms. Bradley’s exploration of who we are, why we are here, and where we are going is must for anyone who has asked these same questions. Regardless of our religious affiliations and/or denominations, our study of the Bible and our connection to God spills out before us all at times, and we are all left wondering, “How do I know God, when do I know God’s presence, or how do I know when I have heard God’s answer to my most fervent prayers or questions. Ms. Bradley speaks for moving beyond faith, beyond simply reading the Bible, and instead, awaking to who we really are, and how we are connected to God. In finding this relationship, awareness heightens, we become awake, we stop dreaming or having the illusion that we are separate, unworthy, we instead take our rightful place beside God, and allow the unfolding of all that we are and all that we intend to create. A must for us all on this same journey. A Must Read."Amazon's Client

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