Author Spotlight

The Adventures of Captain Cutie Pie and Deputy Boo Book 2: Everybody is Afraid of Something

We moved to Marshall Township in 2013 and were delighted by the great variety of animals and the beauty of our new neighborhood. We decided to write a series of children’s books chronicling the adventures of our cat and bird, Bubba, and Boo, in our neighborhood as they solve problems, answer interesting questions and face many issues to which young children can relate. All of the characters in the stories are real animals that live in or near Marshall Township. In the first book, Bubba and Boo’s leadership roles earn them the titles “Captain Cutie Pie” and “Deputy Boo.”

“Everybody is Afraid of Something” is the second book in the series and is based on the myth that ostriches stick their heads in the sand when scared. When an ostrich moved into our neighborhood we decided to use this myth as a springboard for our characters to discuss things that scare them and how they react to and face their fears. Our more mischievous characters devise a plan to see if ostriches really do stick their heads in the sand when frightened while the rest of the animals plan a welcome party. The story provides a vehicle to discuss things that may scare young children while giving them fun facts about ostriches. Fears explored range from not having friends to loud noises and being separated from parents. We like to think this will open a meaningful dialogue between children and their caregivers.

We want the readers to have fun with the characters and the storylines but at the same time to be impacted by some of the more profound social messages and values being conveyed. In our series, we plan to introduce a range of child-relevant issues and themes in a way that is highly accessible and engaging to children and their caregivers.

“The Adventures of Captain Cutie Pie and Deputy Boo”can be purchased at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.