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March 20, 2018

 America Is Not the Heart by Elaine Castillo



The BookWalker 'roams' the globe to discover books. Our list of emerging author standout includes writers from 'around the world'.  Themes tackling topics from sexual trauma, financial malfeasance, war, corruption, modern politics, and digital bullying. This Spring's standout is from London. Elaine Castillo, an emerging author who captures American reality.


 America Is Not the Heart ( the title is a pun on America Is in the Heart, a 1946 novel by Filipino-American author Carlos Bulosan)  is Elaine Castillo’s debut novel. The author, who is originally from Bay Area moved to the U.K. in 2009 shortly after her father's demise.  She didn't find her pen until 2013 when she began writing the novel. The story of Hero de Vera has been with her for a long time that it went quickly taking Elaine two years to complete the novel.



This is the story

When Hero De Vera arrives in America--haunted by the political upheaval in the Philippines and disowned by her parents--she's already on her third. Her uncle gives her a fresh start in the Bay Area, and he doesn't ask about her past. His younger wife knows enough about the might and secrecy of the De Vera family to keep her head down. But their daughter--the first American-born daughter in the family--can't resist asking Hero about her damaged hands.

An increasingly relevant story told with startling lucidity, humor, and an uncanny ear for the intimacies and shorthand of family ritual, America Is Not the Heart is a sprawling, soulful debut about three generations of women in one family struggling to balance the promise of the American dream and the unshakeable grip of history. With exuberance, grit, and sly tenderness, here is a family saga; an origin story; a romance; a narrative of two nations and the people who leave one home to grasp at another.



Note: This title will be released on April 3, 2018. Pre-Order on Amazon. Click here












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