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Young Christchurch priest writes first novel. Divine Love – Life Love – Human Love: My Mother Is My Aunt-in-Law

Divine Love – Life Love – Human Love: My Mother Is My Aunt-in-Law_The BookWalker

People these days tend to think too much and feel too little. I wrote this book to encourage us to slow down a bit, for us to learn how to feel more about life, to feel more about ourselves and to feel more about others―to feel for them and with them.

Not so many people are as fortunate as we are, but we often not see our blessings and we keep on complaining about the little nuances around us. I penned this book to encourage people to learn to feel more about the love of God and the love of others for them. I wrote this book to encourage our young not to take things for granted―no matter how 'little' or trivial. We need to appreciate and treasure the sacrifices, and hardships people around us do for us, to see and to appreciate what their parents are going through in life, in order to feed them and bring them up. Furthermore, I wanted people to learn to be grateful to God, the author of all life and the Father of the universe.

Divine Love – Life Love – Human Love: My Mother Is My Aunt-in-Law by Fr. Thanh Tran

This book is a creative novel. The story behind the book is the story of our salvation. It was written from what I had seen, heard, learned, experienced and felt in my life and from the lives of people around me. GOD IS LOVE. He always calls us to come to Him and to receive His love and mercy. He wishes that we would use love and compassion in treating and communicating with one another instead of using trickery and ruthlessness. This life needs more human love than ever because perhaps we, in different ways, are becoming indifferent and glacial to each other. We are created out of love. We need to be mindful that love is our root, love is our origin and love is what we need to create, to use and to work for every day. When we practice loving others, we are becoming more perfect, and we are becoming more like God.

This is the story

This book is a story of a girl who had little faith in God. She was brought up by her adoptive mother; cared for and loved deeply. She has no inkling of her being an adoptive child until her beloved mother passed away. Moved and touched by her mother's love, she decided to give her life to God by entering a convent to become a nun. The conversion of her life happened through the way she felt and understood the wonderful love of her foster and natural mothers and the unconditional love of God for her and humanity. Through this story, the author wishes that the readers may be moved and begin to think about the grace and love of God for them and the whole human race.

Feedback from people who have read the book has been very positive, Fr. Tran said. “Some of them said to me that the book had given them the sense of acceptance and peace which they had not had in their lives before. Some other younger people said to me that the book had helped them to learn to love their parents better,”

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The Book was launched on 8th December 2017 at St Gregory’s parish centre at Bishopdale. About 70 people attended the launch. Fr Than Tran, who originally hailed from Vietnam, started writing the 158-page book at the end of his pastoral year in Christchurch in 2014. For more information, please contact TheBookWalker at 1-877-273-7003