Book Talk: Transformation in the Midst of Transition

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How do you handle life's uncertainties?

It is easy to rejoice and be grateful for answered prayers, but often when we are confronted with difficulties, we fail to remember the blessings we have received. Are all prayers, with good intentions, answered? The serenity prayer, by Reinhold Niebuhr, reminds us not to let conceit, anger, bitterness, and envy to germinate in our hearts; God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. Prayer is for everyone and anyone. There are times that we feel our prayers and wishes are not answered, even if we do not always like the outcome, we can continue to pray for acceptance and try to figure out how to move on. Prayers give us hope. It will keep us to have a positive outlook. Being positive does not mean denying reality— It means creating an environment in our minds to psyche ourselves to be grateful and to expect only the good things.

In his book, Transformation in the Midst of Transition, author Cleveland Ramsey shares with us how to act, think and what to do when confronted with difficulties; " Your trials are designed to mature and refine you, so do not run away from them or allow yourself to get all impulsively before the work that was intended is accomplished. Your trials are meant to bless and reposition you to another level where you learn how to praise God in the midst of your storm, and subsequently for the storm! When you look back, you realize that the storms were designed with your maturity in mind! You learn how to give God thanks in all of your circumstances, knowing that you will come out better when you were tempted to be bitter!"

Transformation in the Midst of Transition: How to Prosper from Your Storms gives us unique and fresh insight on how to look at trials and tribulations. The book teaches us how to see trials in a different light, to look at tribulations with a positive heart and use the difficulties to cultivate the talent in us. The author is a long time educator who has mentored and coached young productive people both here and abroad.

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