Book Talk: A Biblical Portrait, A Feminist Perspective: Women's Role In The New Testament

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Every writer knows that writing a book is an extremely complicated job. It is not just about one person who sits down and writes a book. Dr. Jacqueline George, author of Women of the Bible and Contemporary Women of Faith: A Feminist Perspective knows about the challenges authors would face; to remain authentic and true for every word. " I was sure I would complete and publish it. I always tell the Lord it is His work, for during the entire process, every step of the way, I asked His guidance." The book interprets the Bible from the perspective of a woman of faith, tracing journeys of women in the Bible through contemporary times. " Though the Bible was written centuries ago, God continues to use men and women to fulfill His purpose. After the biblical women were chosen, I then prayed and asked for guidance as to contemporary women of faith. The first one given to me was Malala Yousafzai, and the very last was Oprah Winfrey." The same faith that kept the women of the Bible, is the very same that propels women like Oprah, Malala, you, and me. Over the years, women have had to struggle to prove themselves. In fact, the struggle continues, even though we are two decades into the twenty-first Century. Yet we can look back at the lives of biblical women that were filled with strength, courage, determination, purpose, and much more.

Every now and then social issues would arise that make us question our faith. The book, Women of the Bible and Contemporary Women of Faith: A Feminist Perspective take us back to the biblical time to take a look at how the strong women and men of faith live and lead their lives to provide guidance and learn from. " I want women and girls to know that if they exercise their faith, given to each by the Most High God, they too can do exceedingly, abundantly, more than they can think or ask of Him. Especially in the current world order, women can contribute significantly to several issues that are at the forefront."

Women of the Bible and Contemporary Women of Faith: A Feminist Perspective focuses on a selected sample of women of faith from the Bible to contemporary times. It addresses how these women have been change agents in multiple facets of life, including in the family, in politics, and in the wider society. While their underlying connection can be seen as their faith in God and their willingness to serve, their vulnerability has also been evident. For the reader seeking to increase his or her faith in God and develop a closer spiritual walk, and for any whose interest lies in recognizing the similarities between biblical times and the present, this review that ranges from Eve through Mother Teresa through Oprah and Malala should be a must-read.

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