Editor's Pick: The Basileia Code: A Breakthrough in Understanding What Comes Next

The Basileia Code: A Breakthrough in Understanding What Comes Next _The BookWalker

A conversation with the author:

Years ago, as a theology student in Bible college, I began to wonder about some things that didn’t seem to add up. I was raised in a family of pastors and ministers, and we all lived our lives by the teachings of the sacred texts of the Word of God, better known as The Bible. “Why are there so many doctrinal divisions in the Christian world? How can so many sincere people arrive at such drastically different conclusions concerning the end-time prophecies in the Bible? Aren’t we all reading the same book? ”

After graduating with my theology degree and entering the ministry, the questions that should have all been nicely tied up in a neat package only became increasingly prolific. As the result of some heartfelt consultation with the author of the book, I felt compelled to read the Bible through again, as if I had never seen it before. This changed everything! I began to see things through an entirely different lens rather than through the carefully-crafted interpretations of my denominational upbringing.

The Basileia Code is the product of more than twenty years of re-examination of the Scriptures I thought I knew so well. As it turns out, God has hidden amazing revelatory truths in His Word, and get this; He has saved a great many of them for the seekers of this generation!

Once you absorb the “Code,” you will begin to unlock astoundingly clear meaning in the prophetic writings of the authors of old, from Genesis to Revelation. You will understand why a wise and loving God strategically and meticulously locked away some of the most amazing, eternity-changing divine secrets ever to be revealed, just for those in the last days who would seek for something more.

Even after more than twenty years of receiving this new information, a bit at a time, then pondering it, studying some more, confirming it and then going through the process all over again, I was still reluctant to write the book. It literally took a period of several years of prodding and coercion to get me to that point. During this time, not only did I hear an unrelenting instruction from the Lord in my spirit, but people who had no idea what was going on would come up to me out of the blue and tell me, “God wants you to write what He Has given you.” Or they would ask “What book can I read that talks about what you just preached?” I won’t bore you with all the reasons for my reluctance, but suffice to say God always wins the battle. I’m not at all proud of my hesitation, more like surprised that someone like me would be trusted to do something like this.

This book isn’t for everyone. If you are happy with your buttoned-up understanding of the Word of God, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t read “The Basileia Code”…it will mess you up! But if you are someone who would rather know the truth than live in a state of spiritual suspended animation, get ready for the journey of a lifetime. Real events are coming to this world in the end times. Would you like the opportunity to be prepared for them, or is blissful ignorance more your speed? You may be shocked to find the prophets of old predicted with exacting detail that the latter would be the overwhelming and pervasive attitude of even those in the church of the last days.

God never intended for you to be terrified of the events coming to this earth. There is a way of escape, and it is carefully laid out in the pages of the Bible. You don’t have to settle for the fuzzy, vague understanding of things to come; God is speaking again in our time! And it just might be that this article found its way into your hands because you are someone who will seek after what has been locked away since the beginning of time, until now.

It is a distinct privilege to bring “The Basileia Code” to you, for your consideration. You will indeed have to decide for yourself whether this author has truly heard from the man upstairs or not. And while I would never be so presumptuous as to claim I have all the answers, I do believe God has trusted me with a few pieces of the cosmic puzzle that may surprise you.

Rev. Doug Clanton is the founding pastor of Reconciling Pentecostal Assembly (RPA) in Phoenix, AZ. He has served there as Senior Pastor since 2001. He is also the Founder and Presbyter Emeritus of Reconciling Pentecostals Int’l (RPI), a worldwide fellowship of ministers and churches since 2000. Pastor Clanton also founded RPA College (RPAC), an institute for ministerial training based at RPA, Phoenix, AZ. He continues to serve as Director of this college of ministry.Rev. Clanton is a graduate of Christian Life College in Stockton, CA. He holds a baccalaureate degree in theology from this institution, as well as several other degrees including one in education from College of the Redwoods, and a science degree from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. He is also a graduate of the Medical Dosimetry program at Stanford University Medical Center.A prolific songwriter, Pastor Clanton’s song, “It Doesn’t Matter” was recorded by Bishop Paul Morton and Bishop T.D. Jakes, and was part of the project, “HE-MOTIONS,” nominated for a Grammy in 2005. This particular song has been recorded by many other prominent gospel artists as well. Called to ministry at a very young age, he served at multiple churches as Minister of Music and Associate Pastor before launching out as an evangelist, traveling for many years from coast to coast, and also preaching in several venues outside the country.

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