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I never intended to write after retirement. Retiring after over twenty-eight years as an elementary teacher, I planned to relax, volunteer, travel and pursue my hobbies. I have always been an avid reader, and it didn’t take long to follow my dream I always had to write. My years teaching elementary students to be creative in their writing left me wanting to do it myself.

My time has been spent time exploring various types of writing, and I have taken many online classes, joined writing groups and started writing in various ways. I was challenged by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which participants write a book in a month. This was hard to do, but I have successfully met that challenge three times.

As Angels Sing was a book that has been in my heart for a few years. Last year marked twenty years since my sweet sister who had Down syndrome died. A lot has been in the news about aborting these children, and I don’t think people understand what beautiful, loving children they are. My sister was the youngest of twelve children, and she brought so much to our family. She was just one of us, and we all loved her. Her life mattered to me. So I wrote a story about a child who had the same unconditional love that my sister had for everyone. I believe that every child is a gift from God.

This story also has things from my faith journey incorporated into the main character Robin. I did not personally have a child with Down syndrome, but I was a single mom. I can really relate to drawing on my faith during difficult times parenting alone. Being a single mom has a multitude of difficulties including personal feelings of betrayal, financial challenges, and sometimes abandonment. Robin faces all of that, but her story brings hope to other mothers facing life alone. Faith communities are so supportive and help get through the tough times.

This book also touches on many other social issues that I am passionate about including dementia, nursing homes, traumatic brain injury and homelessness. Except for being homeless, each issue has been part of my life experience and are intertwined with the characters and events in the story.

The faith of my main characters and their compassion for others in these situations reflect my personal beliefs. It is a story of hope, restoration, faith and unconditional love.

What Readers Say

I was drawn in from the beginning, good read! Great especially for anyone wanting to better understand a child with Down's Syndrome.

Nancy Shirk, Amazon's Client

A sweet story about love, hope, believing and faith!!! The world needs more of this.

—Bonny, Amazon

Note: Now available. Click here

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