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I believe in miracles!

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“Who Said No One Has Ever Come Back To Tell Us?” is my first published book, and it describes the many spiritual experiences, including healings, that have characterised almost the whole of my adult life. Whether running a fashion business in a Scottish seaside town, or a guest house in rural Scotland, each of these occupations has brought me into close contact with a broad cross-section of people, to many of whom I have had the opportunity to give healing through the laying on of hands.

John, a fashion agent, was a typical example. One day I was in his showroom to order for the following season. It was a hectic time, with quite a few buyers like myself milling around, and the models hurrying in and out of the changing rooms showing the garments to potential buyers. When I had completed my business for the day, John suggested we have a coffee before my hour’s drive back home.

As John and I were chatting, he suddenly stopped talking and stood up in apparent agony, explaining that he had a bad back, and had been in constant pain for the past forty years. He had been a pilot during the Second World War, and after having to bail out of his plane, landed in a tree and injured his back as he struggled to get free. I had known John for twelve years, never once mentioning the fact that I was a healer. I then heard myself say to him, “Come with me, and I will heal you.” He took my outstretched hand and led me into his office, where I asked him to sit in a chair, explaining that I would, first of all, put my hands on his head, and then on his back.

I spent about twenty minutes with John, and though, because of the things he had experienced in the War, he had lost his faith in God, he was prepared to pray silently with me. I then left, and halfway home it suddenly dawned on me that never before had I said to anyone, “Come with me, and I will heal you.” When I arrived home, I told my husband Antonio what I had said and done. My confidence was hardly boosted when he replied, “Who do you think you are – the Lord Jesus?” After that, I spent a sleepless night worrying that I had made a fool of myself.

Early the following morning, however, the phone rang. It was John. “Oh Catherine,” he exclaimed, “I don’t know what you did to me yesterday, but I have just had the best sleep of my life, and today the pain in my back is completely gone—after forty years!” John lived on into his eighties, pain-free and with his faith in God restored.

This is just one of the many examples I could give of successful healing. I do this because it works, and have written a second book describing my progress as a trance healer. Two close friends, each with terminal cancer, have been wonderfully healed through the power of the High Ones who work through me. This is all documented, and I am told that through me, and in God’s Name, they will be doing great works. As I am a very private person, it has taken years for me to go public with my experiences of the Spirit World, but I feel it’s my responsibility to share my knowledge that life continues after death and that the soul is immortal.

What Readers Say

“This is a super read, totally believable, the author writing about her and her husband’s experiences, talking with relatives, friends and others who have passed on. The book is a fascinating combination – often humorous, but with lots of thought-provoking commentary on the reality of the spirit world and how natural it is to communicate with our loved ones who have passed on to the other side. This book will be a tremendous comfort to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. Having lost very close family members myself, it has opened my eyes to the reality of another world that I am now sure is real. Together with her spiritual healing, Catherine has much to offer our often sceptical world. A must-read for everybody! She writes about her developing work as a trance medium, and also of her plans to write a second book. Can’t wait to get my hands on that!"

—Jacqueline Lumsden Amazon's Client

Why do we question if there is life after death at all? In our heart of hearts most of us already know that there is life after death, but at the same time we would like someone to confirm our believes.When we lose someone dear to us,sometimes They Do Come Back to Tell Us that life goes on. This book is very inspirational,written with candour and humour. Some people are specially chosen to be able to connect to our loved ones on the other side. Authors ability is unquestionable. Catherine and Antonio have had many experinces to show that evidence is there. It is a great book, a must read. Hope Catherine's next book is out soon."

—Marianne Amazon's Client

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Catherine Kennedy lives in the East Coast of Scotland near St Andrews with her Italian husband Antonio and their daughter. Formerly in the fashion business, from a young age she has practiced spiritual healing. In her first book, "Who Said No One Has Ever Come Back To Tell Us?" (2016), she tells how people who have passed on communicate with herself and her husband. She has just completed a second book, "Heaven Speaks", still to be published, in which she describes how she works with very high beings who heal through her, show their spiritual faces superimposed upon her own, and also speak through her. She tells of one close friend in particular who was healed of 4th Grade cancer, and of seeing and speaking with his departed loved ones while sitting with her. She feels that she has been given these gifts to enable others who are grieving or have a fear of death to know and understand that the soul is immortal and that heaven is real.