Book Talk: Truth Shift: One Scared Girl’s Guide to Creating Mindful Change by Tiffany Hawkins

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In life, there are things that you can easily change if they do not go your way. However, reality tells us that this is not always the case. The truth of the matter is, there are more things that you don’t have control over than those that you have. What happens when you encounter situations that do not work for you yet you can’t change? Truth Shift: One Scared Girl’s Guide to Creating Mindful Change is an insightful book that helps you understand the importance of shifting to a positive mindset especially when faced with adversity. This book aims to guide you to redirect your perspective from negative to positive so that you can experience the purpose of life―to be happy.

The author, Tiffany Hawkins, shares her experience, ‘At first, I was not seeking truth because I believed I knew it already. Well, at least I knew the truth about my life. What I was seeking was an end to my very own pain and suffering. I became sick of myself, sick of my anxieties and insecurities. I was tired of people hurting me, and I was exhausted from trying. I did everything that you are supposed to do to become that ever-illusive strong, confident person who enjoys life to the fullest. I avoided the people who I believed to be toxic, I returned to school and obtained a degree in nursing, I remarried, I tried different religions, and I worked my butt off. In short, I burned the candle at both ends while seeking the light! I have learned that a mind must be open before consciousness can even begin to outgrow the stifling mental boxes we contain it within. Most of us believe that we are already open-minded individuals, but we are not. In my exhaustion, I wanted to understand what it was that I was missing truly. Finally, my mind became open, and I did nothing but listen. How simple that sounds, but when had the internal dialogue ever stopped demanding, begging or cursing about the unfairness? When you ask for this help from what is the truth, you will get it. The dilemma is hearing it. The tools in Truth Shift work by aligning your thoughts with truth. By using the tools, you consciously and creatively bring about these genuine shifts in consciousness much faster.’

Tiffany Hawkins tells us that there will always be positive and negative aspects to everything. This book is a guide for us to see which character we should focus on and which should we let go.

What Readers Say

" I would recommend this book to anyone who's ever felt like they want and need to make a positive change in themselves. It's not a self help book. It's a practical and reasonable guide to help redirect the way we think. The author is open and honest and I related to many of her experiences."

― Annie Bee, Amazon's Client

" Very insightful, it has influenced me to really look at my body of beliefs and how they have influenced my life. "

― Amazon's Client

I highly recommend this book! Especially to those that enjoy the self-improvement genre maybe you are feeling stuck in a life stage or unfulfilled? trying to conquer anxiety or negative self-talk? or simply trying to become a better person and grow? If so I think you would love this book.

Melissa Jupp, Amazon's Client

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