Explainer: The Myth, The Truths, & The In-Betweens Of A Strong Stock Market. The Crash of 2017 b

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The Crash of 2017: The Set Up! by Bill Overmyer What do you think about diversification? Is it a smart thing to do?

There are a lot of books written by experts in the field of investing, and there are also books written by investors straight from their personal experience. My interest in stock market and in financials of investing lead me to grab almost any book that 'talks' about stocks and trade. The list keeps growing every day. Lately, someone gave me a book, and I find it interesting and informative. The "I's"! I've been looking for! And apparently, it is from experience...of both negative and positive.

The Crash of 2017 is a detailed description of the environment of the top of the market and is an easy-to-understand guide that will lead new investors safely through the paths of the deceptive two-year peak of the USA stock market cycle. When most noninvestors—according to the consumer confidence index—think that the economy is in good shape. Survey Says!

To make money in equities is never easy. Not only it requires tons of patience and discipline, a great deal of research and a sound understanding of the market is a pre-requisite. There is no solid sure-fire formula on how to be successful in stock markets, but there are some golden rules laid before us and the experiences of some, that which if heeded may increase the chance of getting a good return.

As one of the characters in the book says, " Stocks are intangibles in a sense. There is nothing but inflated paper prices at this stage in the game. Stock market diversification is just an ancient ploy. It is a slick trick thought up by the financial gurus at the big brokerage houses. Paper profits will vanish in a market crash. To diversify you need to buy something for yourself. A franchise. Start a business. Buy land and fence it. Start with six units and add on when you can afford to...." The experience and the collective insights of someone who knows the ins-outs-and-the- in-betweens.

This book is the most accurate description of the top two years of the USA stock market.

The book, The Crash of 2017, is the most accurate description of the top two years of the USA stock market.

Note: Now available. Click here

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