Book-In-Focus: Asdahlia: Child of the Sea by Nancy Stanton

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The Spanish-American war was over. US won. Charlie, a young American teacher, arrived in the Philippines in the early 1900s, equipped with nothing but passion for teaching and a deep hunger for adventure. As his exploits began, so does his impressive rise in the profession despite facing astounding odds. However, by some twist of fate, this rise found him confront death in the hands of suicide warriors. Destiny took its course when Asdahlia, a pirate’s daughter, rescued him and brought him to an entirely different world – a world full of magic! A new kind of adventure and yet he is torn between her world and his strong sense of duty to serve his country’s interest. Will Asdahlia follow Charlie to his world and finally be able to fulfill her dream of leaving Skeleton Isle?

Captivatingly imaginative, Asdahlia: Child of the Sea is an enchantingly mesmerizing treat. Written by Nancy Stanton, this is a story of magic and love. The author always dreamed of writing since she was in middle school but the busyness of life pushed it aside year after year until 2001 when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She went through the horrors of treatment and side effects and was in the brink of depression. In her desire to stay positive, Nancy embarked on her lifelong dream of becoming an author. Unable to go back to work, she poured all her focus on writing to keep her mind away from negative thoughts. She stared at her first page and wondered how will her story get passed one page. Then there were two pages and continued adding more pages until it became a chapter and another chapter then another until the book was born ― Asdahlia, Child of the Sea. Writing turned out to be a good therapy for her until today to overcome the traumatic return of cancer at stage four. Nancy is positive once more and writing and winning again.

Nancy Stanton was born in the Philippines during post-American occupation and raised among the native tribes in the southern part of the country. She is an avid fan of history both written and oral accounts dating back pre-Spanish era in the Philippines. She moved to California with her family in 1994 where she settled and raised her own children. Nancy embarked on fiction writing while dealing with the horrors of metastatic breast cancer to stay positive and beat the disease hence the book "Asdahlia, Child of the Sea" came about. This is a story of magic and love based on the experiences of the first group of Americans who arrived in the Philippines in the early part of 1900s. Other books that Nancy continues to write are faith-based consistent with her Christian upbringing but writing fiction is her first love and best therapy.

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