Book Talk: Consciousness Archaeology By Maximus Freeman

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Are you harboring anger and hatred in your heart that you cannot forgive the person who has hurt you? Life is too short, don't waste it on negative emotion.

It was summer of 2015. My dad and I were en route to the best vacation we ever had planned together; 18 days on the Caribbean of beach, sand and good times. On the plane, my dad had a chest pain. He didn't bother to tell me or anyone. He kept it to himself. On arrival, his skin was cold to the touch, pale and white as paper. He was sweating profusely. He motioned to his chest. In a soft assuring tone he told me about the numbness he felt on his arms and the sharp chest pain. We drove to the nearest hospital. There, it was found my dad had pericarditis. A close call.

My mother rushed to see dad. Upon seeing him, my mother hugged and kissed him. She said to him, " Let's forgive each other; life is too short to harbor anger in our hearts. Let's forget our differences." Till today, it still remains to be the most beautiful scene I ever saw...much more beautiful than white sands and the blue ocean of the Carribean. That was exactly three years ago. Dad passed away late last year with peace in his heart knowing the differences he had with my mother was all forgiven and forgotten.

For most of us, we still have our own hang-ups. For me, I know too well the lessons and ugliness of keeping anger in our hearts, but it is just too difficult to let go and forgive. There are times when people let us down and fail us. Some don't mean it while others do it intentionally. Why would I feel bad? I recently received a copy of a book, Consciousness Archaeology by Maximus Freeman. The arrival of the book in my life was timely.

I was irritable, easily angered by the smallest of things. Frustrated without apparent reasons. Feeling a bit lost. Feeling like a pariah, in the world I created, anxious and feeling depressed most times. The book, Consciousness Archaeology is very straightforward, so unassuming, simply written but full of love. It provided me insight and gave me reasons to smile back at life and pick the pieces again. Maximus Freeman, the author of Consciousness Archeology, shared his reasons for writing the book. My search began with the simple, positive messages of Dale Carnegie and his basic premise that thoughts affect reality. As I read more deeply from a range of spiritual teachers, notably Adyashanti and David Hawkins, I began to understand that inner peace does not depend on circumstances or situations, but on spiritual development. The human self is profoundly influenced by the physical, from DNA to hormones to the most-traveled pathways in the brain. Spiritual development helps human beings respond to life’s events in a way that transcends the merely physical. Delving widely into the literature of spiritual development, I began to compile a list of “virtues” that seemed to predominate among great spiritual leaders.

What gravitates me towards Freeman's book is the humanness of the author, ' My self-honesty started when I fully accepted that I was just like everybody else and I also carried around a huge reservoir of accumulated negative emotions. This acknowledgment enabled me to begin the practice of letting go wholeheartedly.' Maximus said.

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Consciousness Archaeology vividly chronicles Freeman's relentless, twenty-year exploration of the ebbs and flows of life from the dark night of the Soul to the radiant light of Presence. His use of intimate, personal stories provides a raw, unfiltered view of human nature in its most vulnerable state.

Freeman shares his unique perspective on many ancient truths and introduces several insightful theories of his own while injecting just a hint of humor. Most importantly though, he provides simple, practical exercises which allow the reader to experience profound, life-long benefits. Are you ready to dig deep?

What Readers Say

“ Wonderfully written, this book is short, sweet, and directly to the point. Maximus Freeman shares with the reader a way to approach/work toward inner peace and enlightenment. Sharing intimate stories of his own life, he manages to not bog down the reader with tons of extraneous material that are off point. Rather, he models vulnerability and humility from details of his life experiences so that the reader may come to feel connected and not alone on this journey. ”

Aunt B, Amazon's

“ I believe in the power of consciousness archaeology. The most significant application in this book is the practice of letting go. This involves fully experiencing a painful situation and having the ability to let it go. This is difficult for me to do. The vices of rejection, denial and arrogance prevent me from letting go. I also believe that I can raise my consciousness by showing kindness and maintaining a sense of humility. Freeman believes that each person possesses an inner genius. I agree with this completely. Being a genius simply means having an insight in a particular area. ”

Robert G Yokoyama, Amazon's

“ Consciousness Archeology is a wonderful compilation of many recent, successful self-help books bringing us a guide to the journey towards self-knowing and insight. Many of the 29 books listed in the authors Acknowledgement have been on best seller list and contain hundreds of pages.This book gives us a pocket size reference guide that we can turn to daily and find tips, answers and exercises’ to help turn our life towards the light.Page by page and step by step Maximus Freeman shares his journey toward unlearning, self-forgiveness, mindfulness, the Inner-Teacher and Inner- Genius.Maximus takes us through his personal ups and downs sharing his ride through life to show everyone that we all have our struggles. Then he leads us on the journey to knowing how to change the struggles into self-honesty that can be used to move us toward the light with more ease.This book is easy to read and Mr. Freeman's writing style makes you think he is talking to you in person, telling you his story on the patio under the sun and wind watching the ocean in the distance.”

Juels, Amazon's

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