Special Feature: Ayden's Adventure by Damari Kiano

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Have you shared the gift of imagination to your little ones lately?

Albert Einstein said, “ The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge. ”

Reading and sharing stories with children are vital to their growth and development. They help develop early literacy and language skills when new words are introduced. Books with illustrations or pictures promote appreciation for art. Stories help stimulate the child’s curiosity and imaginative skills. One minute they’re reading about grasshoppers, the next minute, they’re on a pirate ship searching for the sunken treasure! George Bernard Shaw perfectly illustrated the importance of sharing the gift of time and imagination to our little ones; “Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself.”

I found the book, Ayden’s Adventures by Damari Kiano on my desk, and the story found its way to my children's heart. What a joy it is to know that 20 years from now, an unassuming book would play a role in my little ones' life, to remember me reading with them and remember the stories.

My job as a publicist working for local and international magazines and publishers requires me to be always on the go. In my travels here and abroad I still see to it that when I come home, I brought 'the memories' with me...together with the memento. It was no more than a few weeks ago that Ayden's Adventure sits perfectly still on my desk waiting to be read. As if inviting me to flip open the pages, I comply. I thought it was going to be just another round of assigned task. It was special. The book and I made a connection, and it is a book I am proud to recommend.

Ayden’s Adventures by Damari Kiano is a delightful and humorous collection of short stories that are perfect for six to ten-year-olds. The book is a fictional account of the mishaps Ayden gets into while on family outings, at school, and at home. The colorful illustrations are eye-catching and will surely keep the children glued. Written in rhyme form, they are fun read-out-loud bedtime stories!

Note: Now available. Click here

Damari Kiano BA is an alumnus of the Sage College in Troy NY. She now spends her time writing stories for her grandchildren after retiring from working in health services. Her grandchildren are the inspiration for the Ayden's Adventures series.

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