Author Spotlight: Lorraine Piotrowski author of, Love the Journey Now

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Have you ever been disappointed? When our expectations don't turn out the way we thought and planned it should be, how can we survive? Here's a story I want to share with you from Lorraine Piotrowski, in her book, “ Love The Journey Now.

Lorraine Piotrowski began having spiritual reflections while going through a very stressful time in her life and started writing them down and filled in many notebooks. She was attending a writers group at the time and decided to turn her writings into a book. Her journey has produced this book: a thoughtful, spiritual meditation on what it means to follow God's will in your life and on seeking emotionally healthy responses to life's challenges through faith, prayer, and patience.

A while back, before strokes and cancer hit, I was “Loving the Journey Now ” while dealing with clinical depression and anxiety, amongst other things. I met someone who spoke two words that changed my whole attitude and experience from thenceforward. Taught by a well-meaning father to do not only 100%, but 110%, I was buried under a huge emotional weight – the weight of “perfectionism.” It worked well for him, but I had been suffering for over 30 years with very dark moods and the strain of trying to do everything “above and beyond the call of duty” was crushing me. Then, a wise man, who seemed to understand just what I needed to hear, simply said to me one day “DON’T STRESS.” It sounds like a simple statement, but it changed the trajectory of my life.

Since that day, I have reminded myself over and over not to stress whenever I begin to feel anxious. These two words began my “healing process” to recovery. They stop me from going into a downward spiral and help me to relax and get control of myself in a very succinct and powerful way. Words represent concepts. Had I not heard these two life-changing words, I wouldn’t have been able to handle what lay ahead in the next nine years of my life. This was my “lifeline”.

The depression and anxiety are gone now, but some old habits die hard and to enable me to turn to God for his wisdom and guidance in living my life, I still find myself reminding myself to “DON’T STRESS.” May God bless the lips from which those two simple words came forth. Now I can help myself relax and “love my journey NOW” and let God take care of the rest.

In Love the Journey Now, Chapter 16, entitled “Waiting,” I write about the “BOSS Principle”: Build On Small Successes. If you are like me and your emotions tend to get in the way while you are waiting for something important, this may help. We get discouraged and depressed if we’ve had to wait a long time and see no progress. Make your own progress!! Quiet yourself, get in touch with your body and feelings and review in your mind all the small positive things you have done today – your “small successes.” Things like encouraging a friend, enjoying a nice lunch out, listening to your favorite songs, or whatever you did today on a small scale. Relax as you do this and you will find that you DID make progress in WAITING today, one small unconscious step at a time. This will make you feel terrific! – Try it. It doesn’t have to be hard to be PATIENT if you can build on the positive. This is a simple method of Loving the Journey Now in spite of your circumstances.

Lorraine Piotrowski began her writing career in grade school writing short stories. She attended the University of Toronto Mississauga for an English Specialist degree. She is an accomplished musician (piano and trumpet), artist and athlete. She enjoys studying calculus and French and has a diploma in Chiropractic Health Assistant. A committed Christian since 1978, she has attended many Spiritual Retreats and done Missionary work. Her writing involves Christian spirituality which evolved after overcoming numerous challenges and struggles. Her book "Love the Journey Now" is a how-to manual on knowing God's will for your life and on seeking emotionally healthy responses to life's difficulties through faith, prayer, and patience. Her prevailing attitude is that we should take advantage of every opportunity presented to us and love our only journey on this earth right here and right now. Lorraine had produced a spoken CD of her book and a CD of piano meditation music she composed and performed. She has written and illustrated a unique children's book. She resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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