Author Spotlight: Dr.Mohamed Buheji

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Every leader, philosophical thinker, influencer of both past and present has a back story. What's yours?

It fascinates me to think how these fine folks find the inspiration and the motivation to grow their potential. What made them? We all know leaders are made and not born. What inspired them? Dr. Buheji, the author of several books, said: " We are inspiring-beings whom are born to bring realization of values in the world." I have kept a list of people who inspire me, and the list keeps growing each day. Some are our everyday folks that went out of their way when a situation calls. Some are a cut above the rest; forward thinkers, innovators, those who think and do their stuff for the future generation. ... for the next generation, thinking not for themselves but for others― the true heart of a leader.

I came to know Dr. Buheji and discover his works when a colleague gave me one of his books; to read and provide unfiltered feedback in return. I ended up liking and admiring the man. In his teachings, Dr. Buhejin said something about becoming who he is today, "Inspiration in life can’t happen suddenly; otherwise, it would be called miracle !" That sums it up! Leadership means growing daily...intentionally.

A note from the author

The more the leaves of our life fail .. it reflects our mental deficiency.. of how much we don’t know about dealing and contributing to the life journey. Reflecting on my life .. I wonder how much time was wasted wondering around my potential powers.. I remember for example how I spent my youth obsessed with collection of stamps, coins and precious stones .. nevertheless I thank God for the wake-up call using the rest of life involved in real value added contribution.

― Dr. Buheji

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Dr. Mohamed Buheji is the founder of International Institute of Inspirational Economy. and the founder of Youth Economy Forums He is considered a leading expert in the areas of Excellence, Knowledge, Innovation, Inspiration, Change Management and enhancement of Competitiveness for over 25 years, besides being a retired professor from University of Bahrain. Dr Buheji is also the Founder of the International Journal of Inspiration & Resilience Economy and International Journal of Youth Economy.

He teaches classes that are relevant to Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge & Change Management and Current Issues to both MBA Students and undergraduates. Besides he leads seminars on the Subject of Inspiration Engineering & Resilience Engineering and Youth and Inspiration Labs

Dr Buheji has published since 2008 more than 70 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers and 17 books in the subject of the power of thinking, lifelong learning, quality of life, inspiration and competitiveness. Also he has five books in English about Knowledge Economy, Inspiration Economy, Inspiring Government and Inspiration Engineering, Youth Economy (In Printing). Dr Buheji is passionate about transferring his + 500 consultancy projects experience for more than 300 organisations from all over the world, to both education and research. In addition, he serves in the editorial board of 5 internationally peer-reviewed journals in the same fields. He is member of many scientific communities, journals, academic review boards. Lately, he is winner of many awards including the latest CEEMAN best researcher award for 2017, besides being a Fellow of World Academy of Productivity Science.