Author Spotlight: Joey Baumgartel author of Marbles

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Maya Angelou beautifully said, " There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." Indeed, Maya is right. In every great story there is always a backstory, may it be in fiction or not. What's yours? I had the chance, to come to know Joey Baumgartel, the author of Marbles, through her books and the correspondence supplied to me by her agency, that I feel I already met her. The author grew up in White Rock and moved to Victoria to pursue her passion for theatre at the University of Victoria. " The idea for Marbles came from my grade 12 writing course. Every class, our teacher would put a sentence on the board, and we'd have 10-15 minutes to write about it― whether that was a poem, a short story, a stream of consciousness, etc. That day, the sentence read: "George never believed a coffin could hold so many marbles." And viola!―an idea was born. It was such an intriguing statement that I decided to run with it. I, of course, changed the name to Keegan and chose to focus on a family relationship as opposed to a romantic one. I am a hopeless romantic, so I still threw in some romance, but I wanted the focus to be on a brother/sister bond." Marbles is a story of a boy named Keegan and his longing and desire to see her little sister again. It was under his watch when Laurie was abducted. A year after the abduction, Laurie is presumed dead. Keegan stood by her coffin, watching with tear-filled eyes as they lowered the stale casket into an empty grave. He wondered why he didn't feel as sad as he should? The story is delivered in perfect dose. Joey Baumgartel has a captivating writing style, this book, Marbles, persuades you to open your heart and your mind as a person, one of a kind, not to be missed book!

Jocelyn (Joey) Baumgartel currently lives in New Westminster, B.C. She attended the University of Victoria for Theatre and English, graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. She has been writing her whole life and had her first work published when she was twelve-years old, which consisted of a short story about a magical mirror. She then went on to more serious work in a grade twelve writing class in which this novel was inspired. She also writes short plays throughout the university and continues to write plays. This is her first novel.

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