Book Talk: No More Dancing The Jig by Michael Haley

No More Dancing The Jig_The BookWalker

There are many choices in life that can make our daily journey more enlivening. But what defines our choices? Our circumstance or our attitude?

I was on the verge of depression a few years ago. I wanted to run away to nowhere to nowhere and be alone. I felt that I was a worthless individual. If not for the big-hearted stranger I met that day, I would not have a chance of enjoying this beautiful life.

I found my redemption in a simple actuation of a total stranger. I was sitting on a bench outside of a convenience store, feeling lost and about to give up on life. It was 5th of June 2013. A day I couldn't forget and would remain a special day for me. The boy seeing me sobbing gave me the sweetest smile. Jude must be confused, but heavens must have spoken to him. He just stayed there beside me. Jude never spoke. He just looked at me with the most understanding eyes. He smiled and gave me a book―The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. The book reminded me how to be grateful and to trust in the good that is about to come. The book is still with me.

A few weeks ago, a book No More Dancing The Jig by Michael Haley was given to me as a material to review. It's a perfect match! I needed a good read, and the advertising company needed fresh eyes. Serendipity; that's how the book found me, and it gave me more reasons to smile back at life.

No More Dancing The Jig is a unique and invigorating novel about special, passionate women who are real, edgy, and who seriously want fulfillment in their lives. They purposefully pursue their dreams. Margaret Matlin is a thirtysomething woman who dares to pursue the ultimate goal of womanhood: absolute happiness. Spurred on by a prophetic dream and blessed with beauty, a secure intelligence, and an avaricious drive, she chooses to go after what will satisfy her maximum sensibility.

Leaving behind the restrictive profession of teaching English―which she feels has sapped her creativity, Margaret decides to expand her horizons and let a more conscious fate be her guide. She pledges to find her truth in the world, setting out to build a brand-new life for herself with the help of those around her. Along the way, she befriends many, finding infinite wisdom and insight into how our destinies can be suppressed for so long and yet be uplifting and rewarding once discovered.

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