Book Discovery: Happy's Majical Christmas Tree by Jaci M

Book Discovery: Happy's Majical Christmas Tree by Jaci M_The BookWalker

Loyal, adorable, intelligent, playful and friendly are just some of the words used to describe man’s best friend. Indeed, dogs are the best friends that will always have your back. They are an integral part of the family, and they make any season meaningful, most especially the Yuletide!

Happy’s Majical Christmas Tree by Jaci M is a feel-good story for all ages about the joy of Christmas, love, and friendship. The book is a tribute to celebrate the life of the author’s dog—Turkey, whose spirit name is Happy. Jaci M recounts that she and her husband would talk in a ridiculous voice that only they shared with their furbabies and asked their dog, Turkey, “Are you happy? Are you happy?” Turkey would smile with his pink-tongued grin, his eyes shining ever brightly, full with love and mischief, and his white-tipped paintbrush of a tail would wag and wag! To them, he looked happy hence, the name of the book.

The author feels blessed to have had Turkey with them for 13 years! She describes him as a gentle giant, quite a handsome canine, and a big happy puppy at heart even as he grew older. She then adds, “Most of us have known the beautiful silver-gold connection we share with our pets who multi-task as our ever loyal companions, brave protectors, and beloved furbabies. Happy’s Majical Christmas Tree really is a story about celebrating our connections with ourselves, with one another and working together. And hopefully we will realize, and this knows that we All have something majical we can contribute to build something beautiful.” All the characters in the book are the author’s friends and furbabies at their home in Texas Hill Country.

The book is a heartwarming Christmas story that you can read no matter what the season is, as the highlighted themes of love and friendship never go out of season.

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A little about me and mini backstory

The main reason I wrote my book Happy's Majical Christmas Tree is because I love my dog. This is one of the many ways that my family and I are honoring his life and all the joy he brought to us and this world. I'm also a self proclaimed nature-loving hermit so it's quite lovely that my family and I choose to live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Oh and my spirit animals: Wolves, rabbits, squirrels, ladybugs, horses, golden eagles & okay my list goes on like a sideways 8!

I adore my family, food (organic about 80% of the time), nature, reading, writing, creating, and the fantastical. I'm different but I'm good* As always, I appreciate you all for connecting and for listening.

From my heart to yours, thank you and I love you!

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