Book Discovery: Love and Spirit: A New Set of Eyes by Thomas R. Martin

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What are you here for? This is a question that most people encounter in life whether it springs internally or thrown at us from the world outside. A lot of people move through life without knowing the answer to this question. But for those who earnestly search, the "Aha!” moment might come at a very unexpected moment.

For the author, Thomas Martin, the answer came as a challenge and a calling ― "You're here Tom to find out why you are here." It is a challenge because it is an answer that led to more questions. And, a calling because it was only the beginning of a journey to find out what the meaning of life was.

His journey took him to ponder on who God is and more importantly, who God is to him. His book, Love, and Spirit: A New Set of Eyes, is a result of 40+ years on this journey.

Do we know God as intimately as we think? Or, do we know him from what we are told? If we have a loving God, why does the church often espouse the idea of the chosen few? If we are following a God of forgiveness, why is punishment so deeply ingrained in the many faiths of the world?

The journey to the discoveries that are discussed in the book did not come easily. It required a lot of thought, a lot of work, and a lot of faith.

Love and Spirit; A New Set of Eyes is for anyone who is seeking the meaning of life and love. Society, the church, and all the other forces that seemingly govern our lives have dictated what our answer to this question should be. So much so that it creates a veil to the truth. This book is about lifting that veil. It encourages the readers to finally seek what life is through a fresh set of eyes that are unburdened by the preconceived notions that the world has given us.

This book is an encouragement to anyone who has a desire to see Love in a new light. It is an invitation to get to know the origin of all love, God, in a personal way.

Reviews & What Readers Say

“Although a first book, new author Tom Martin has written an easily read and understood narrative. He addresses two challenging questions in new and compelling ways: who and what God is. You may or may not agree with him, but I think you'll be inspired by the way he address the key questions in his book.. He truly looks at God with what he calls a "new set of eyes." I purchased this book in the Kindle format and have no regrets. It's well formatted for the device. I highly recommend this book."

―Wordchipper, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

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Thomas R. Martin was born in Milwaukee, and raised in a small town in northeastern Wisconsin. From an early age, he was fascinated with God and His creation, asking God over and over again why we are here, and what creation is all about. He got his first "aha" answer in 8th grade English class, while staring out the window at a freshly fallen snow. That answer only led to more questions which led to more answers. Tom had always dreamed of being a pilot, never picturing himself becoming an author. Yet the ideas that came to him about God kept playing over and over inside his head, like a record skipping, seeming to beg to be heard. And it was only through writing them down that Tom found peace of mind. "Love and Spirit; A New Set Of Eyes" was the result. His book speaks to the answers he discovered in his journey to find the Truth; Who is God? What are we a part of? What must we come to know in order to know God? What is the kingdom of God? What sums up God's Law and all the prophets spoke to? What is the source of the universe and what binds us all together? The amazing revelation Tom discovered was how a multitude of questions were answered by only one word - Love. Tom is a Captain at a major airline in the United States. He has spent over thirty years in the clouds, marveling at God's creation. Tom has never attended seminary, nor does he have any degrees in theology that would make him an expert on God. He is simply a seeker - just like you. Tom married his high school sweetheart and they live on a lake in Minnesota. You can follow Tom on his Facebook page: Love and Spirit - A New Set of Eyes

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