Author Spotlight: Richard Chacon, author of The Angel Chronicles. An Extraordinary Experience

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How can a young man who had so much to offer and had the biggest of hearts not find true love? I found the answer one day in a slideshow: Interview with God: You cannot make others love you; you can only allow yourself to be loved. This made me think. The excerpt is from the book, The Angel Chronicles by author Richard Chacon.

Richard through his book, The Angel Chronicles reminds us never to take anyone for granted and that nothing is more important than relationship. The book is a beautiful story of a parent's love, loss and healing told from a father's perspective. The emotion is palpable in every page and immediately, as the story unfolds, one can be enveloped by the same emotion and share the love and mystery. " I feel as though I was chosen to experience this so that I could share with all those who may not believe in life after death; to share with those who have gone through the agony of losing a loved one; to validate all those things that people might have heard of, that for all practical purposes, might seem fictional. ... Although I always consider myself a man of faith, I never realized the depths of my faith, or the lack of thereof, until this happened to me."

The book tells us that death in this lifetime is not the end, it is simply a beginning of a new stage.

Is there a chance for us―the living, to communicate with our loved ones who are crossing over? Have faith. Embrace the unexplainable. As I stood there in the parking lot, I struggled with emotions I couldn't deal with at that time. I didn't know if I was merely the victim of a sick joke or if for the last few months some psycho had been there swimming laps.

Seldom does life offer second chances and opportunities to resolve issues that harden the heart. Sometimes it takes extraordinary circumstances, and yes, sometimes it takes miracles. In The Angel Chronicles, we explore and explain these miracles from those who have crossed over. At times, there are no explanations, only something that an open mind can try to comprehend. The mysteries of the unknownpast our times here on earth remain just that―a mystery. However, from time to time, there are things that occur that serve as reminders that there is much more to life than just this existence here on earth. Some hearts will never mend, but there are miracles that allow us to help us cope just by showing us that our loved ones are, in fact, okay, even if we cannot see them.

Richard Chacon was born and raised in Texas where he grew up in a small farming community, Dell City. He attributes his values and work ethic as part of growing up there. He is a former educator and high school basketball coach who always enjoyed writing everything from scripts, lyrics, to music. When tragedy struck with the tragic loss of his son, Anthony, he decided to write his first book, The Angel Chronicles, to detail the miracles that ensued afterwards. Not only did it setve as a therapeutic experience , but it also served as the first step toward writing as a career. Through all of life's challenges, he has always stayed true to his faith and unwavering belief that we are all connected and that we're exactly where we need to be.

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