Book Talk: RA-JAY-SON-WA: DEFENDER DRAGON by Jason C Finley

Ra-jay-Son-Wa : Defender Dragon by Jason C Finley_The BookWalker

What do you get when you add a hero, a sea voyage, a perfect storm, dragons and a dragon defender all together in a book? You get an epic thrill ride! Robert C. Finley’s RA-JAY-SON-WA: DEFENDER DRAGON takes us on the journey of a nameless young hero who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

His exploits begin when he leaves his beloved valley to help his friend realize his dream of becoming a Captain of a sea-going vessel. When a need for a cabin boy opened up at the last minute, he excitedly signs up not knowing how much this voyage will change him. While working on-board, he learns life-changing lessons. When their ship crashes into rocks, he is forced to face the Black Dragons of Voractovia to save an entire town. The demon beasts are ruthless. The golden/orange/red RA-JAY-SON-WA is the only one that can defeat them; the same defender dragon that has once saved the village. Alas, he is nowhere to be found, and they are running out of time! Where is the defender dragon? Will they be able to summon him before they all lose hope?

Robert C. Finley shares that this is his 4th adventure book written where the reader must name the main character. He recounts that his original reason to write the books was to have a Christmas gift for his family. The first book was received so well that he wrote the second and third. RA-JAY-SON-WA: DEFENDER DRAGON came to be written when a co-worker suggested that he write a book about dragons. He said that it was the most difficult yet fulfilling adventure of the four. After the reader determines what he/she chooses for the character's name, they can sit back and fall into a grand adventure along with their character.

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Robert C Finley is a US NAVY veteran serving aboard the USS FORRESTAL CVA-59 from June of 1965 to May 1967, earned both an AA and AS degrees, retired post office employee after 37 years, and a 30-gallon blood donor. He has authored four books; The Mountain of Dreams, The Radiant Glow of Jewels, In Defense of the Empire, and RA-JAY-SON-WA: Defender Dragon are stories where the reader must name the main character. " I feel that reading for the fun of reading promotes great mental health and infuses the young mind with wonderful imagination. To my knowledge, my books have been read and enjoyed by readers age 9 to 92 including ages in between."

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