Book Talk: The First Communion Murders by Mike Robertson

The First Communion Murders by Mike Robertson_The BookWalker

Though terrifying and disturbing, something is fulfilling about murder mysteries. They pique curiosities. Could it be the tension, the adventure or the escape from reality that makes readers respond to these captivating stories? Possibly. Perhaps, the thrill of figuring out the solution to a puzzle is the reason why the 'mysterious' is intriguing. Readers are compelled to these plots when they can relate to one of the characters. It’s like a game they have to play by thinking outside the box, to find and piece clues together, before the answers to the “whys,” the “whats” or the “whodunit” are revealed. Mike Robertson captures that suspense in his book, “The First Communion Murders.”

The discovery of an old photograph in an abandoned steamer trunk auctioned off from a neighbor leads to a search for the identities of those in the picture. Taken on the steps of an unknown church sometime in the late 1950s, the shot in question shows an assembly of boys making their first communion. Small “Xs” are carefully ascribed above their heads. Within the next twenty years, after this was taken, they were all fated to die. Coincidental or is there something sinister lurking in the background? What is the mystery behind the marks?

Mike Robertson, now resigned to the routine of retirement, continues to entertain the notion that he may have literary endowments, a compulsion he had pursued over the past decade with the production and the publication of various literary projects. His most recent effort, a novel entitled “The First Communion Murders”, is his seventh book, joining three collections of shorts stories: “Casting Shadows”, “Parts of a Past”, “These Memories Clear”, a three-volume literary entertainment entitled “The Smart Aleck Chronicles” and a barely-recalled novel entitled “Gone and Back”.

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