Book Talk: The Hidden History of Jack Quinn by Mike Robertson

The Hidden History of Jack Quinn by Mike Robertson_The BookWalker

Jack Quinn, a seriously ill middle-aged man, has passed away. Just moments before he faced death, he found out he was adopted. In a safety deposit box, was his last will. This document sends his friend of more than forty years, Mark Purchell, on a quest to find his birth parents. Mark’s journey started from Jack’s hometown in Ottawa to a small town on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. His search leads him to meet several interesting people who help him along the way, including a sleazy but well-intentioned neighbor, a stern librarian, a retired police officer, members of the clergy, a newspaper editor, a haughty maître d’hôtel and a spirited waitress named Elaine. His investigation directed him to a newspaper archive and a surprising answer to his departed friend’s last request.

Secrets to uncover, twists, turns and a crime to solve awaits the readers in Mike Robertson’s “The Hidden History of Jack Quinn.” The compelling storytelling, the rich character development and of course, the mystery, are just some of the reasons to start binge-reading this gripping tale.

Note: Now available. Click here

Mike Robertson, now resigned to the routine of retirement, continues to entertain the notion that he may have literary endowments, a compulsion he had pursued over the past decade with the production and the publication of various literary projects. Mike's other works; “The First Communion Murders”, is his seventh book, joining three collections of shorts stories: “Casting Shadows”, “Parts of a Past”, “These Memories Clear”, a three-volume literary entertainment entitled “The Smart Aleck Chronicles” and a barely-recalled novel entitled “Gone and Back”.

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