Book Discovery: Finding Honor: Memoir of a Vietnam War Resister by Steve Dix

Book Discovery: Finding Honor: Memoir of a Vietnam War Resister by Steve Dix_The BookWalker

There are many duties that a man or a woman must fulfill. This is how we're taught ― to live an honorable life; these duties must be fulfilled to the best of our abilities.

But, what dictates what these duties should be and how we honor them? Is it the norms of society? The circumstances that we are born into? Family? Country? The consequences of our decisions or indecisions?

Growing up, Steve Dix's father has often expounded, " Steve, you've got to have three things in life: your job, your country, and your that order!" As a temp of fate would have it, he finds himself in a delicate circumstance where he must determine what comes first. Not from what is expected by his father or assigned by his superiors but by what truly matters to his heart and principles.

Finding Honor: Memoir of a Vietnam War Resister is a story of a young man who finds himself torn between his duty to his country and his family. It examines how a big war, spanning continents, affects individual lives. At its core, this is a story of a man figuring out how to best fulfill his duty to provide for and protect his young family. There are many noble tales about the heroes of the Vietnam war. This is a story of another kind of hero, one whose most important fight did not take place in the battlefield.

Finding Honor: Memoir of a Vietnam War Resister is a book that deeply resonate with those who have lived through that time period. Although this story is from one man's recollection of the events of his own life, the experiences and emotions written into the pages in this book are very real to anyone who has lived through this era.

Readers from the younger generation and those who have not lived through a similar circumstance will be introduced to another world and gain a better understanding of a story that is not often told, from one soldier who chose not to go.

Reviews & What Readers Say

“ As this is my era I find this book enlightening and nostalgic. An easy quick, but memorable, read.”

Paul G. Pinkerton, Amazon Client Verfied Purchase

" I found this book fascinating. It brought back memories of the chaos and turbulence of the 1960's, and the Vietnam War. Steve Dix has written a page-turner of a story that has some hair raising moments in it. I believe it echoes the feelings of many towards the incomprehensible bureaucracies of the military. Good read!"

— Amazon Client Verfied Purchase

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Steve Dix was born in Waterloo, Iowa. His school years were spent in the San Francisco Bay Area. In ninth grade his term project was a film he created utilizing friends and his dad's movie camera; filmmaking is still a passion. Steve worked as a radio announcer for many years and also worked-sometimes concurrently-for the airlines. Today he and his wife, Marnie, live in northern Arizona where they have a bed and breakfast and pursue various other interests.