Special Feature: The Poems of Robin R. Rabii: Insights That Nurture Connection by Robin R. Rabii

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What better way to express feelings that resonates art than to appreciate poetry? A powerful form of literature that is not limited to one’s color of skin, race, gender, religion and even social status, poetry happens to anyone, everyone, anywhere and everywhere. A poet weaves stories with raw emotions and vivid imagery that allow readers to look into one’s soul. As an aesthetic exploration of the most profound human emotions, poetry serves as the voice of the people to change what is uncommunicable.

“The Poems of Robin R. Rabii” is a collection of poetry that delves into the strengths and weaknesses of humanity. The poems in this book are the insightful expressions of an author who is passionate about creating harmony between humans, the most complex of the Architect's riddles. Through his words, the author attempts to elevate and worship the ordinary moments in life; expose the poisons in becoming a political or religious ideologue; explore the strained relationship between the intellect and the heart; ponder the cosmic aspects of patriotism; reveal the invisible demons of love; and convey sensitive, but instructive, snippets about race and color. Mixed in with these thought-provoking utterances is the author's ailing sense of humor, offering the opportunity to view serious matters through the lens of comedy. The diversity in the points, style, and tone all pivot on human connection and unity.

Robin R. Rabii describes that the book was inspired by the feelings of despair and the power of connection. “Now and then, I’m consumed by a bout of temporary hopelessness when I realize how much we have disconnected from our humanity. The five, six, and seven o’clock news is a sad reminder of what we’ve become; and the newspapers, Internet, and radio seem to chime-in in the AM to reiterate the turtles' pace of the psychological evolution of our species.”

He adds, “When the ‘now and then’ passes like the pattern of all clouds, I realize, after resurrecting my psyche from the pit of doom and gloom, that the ethereal thread that ties us together is much stronger than the dark twine that attempts to separate us. The connection is the name of this powerful strand, and I am wedded to its grace even though I lose my way at times.”

The poems are an attempt to bathe the reader’s mind and heart in the different and familiar waters of connection, the one word that says we’re going to be okay.

What Readers Say

"I read this book as a reviewer for OnlineBookClub.org, and it was a pleasure. There is variety in the style and content of the poems, but they all expound on the theme of connection. A reader can anticipate humor, profundity, grief, wonderment, and dawning understanding. Not every poem was equally impressive in my opinion, but the beauty of the many far outweighs the clumsiness of the few."

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"Very insightful! The writer makes you think about tough topics and takes you on a journey to a new perspective. I love the emphasis on connection.”

― Alphonso Abulafia, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Robin R Rabii is the author of The Life and Times of a Black Prince in America. He is also the author of The Poems of Robin R Rabii: Insights That Nurture Connection.

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