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What do you do when someone let you down? We are destined to meet people who will let us down. This is a fact of life, at least in this lifetime. They are there for a purpose. They are there to remind us of something. My previous work as a volunteer counselor in Africa requires me to spend a lot of time talking and listening to people. I try to be most careful to see those I have close interaction with beyond their spoken words and actuation. I try to see their genuine intentions. The book, Battered Faith by Tanya South reminds me of the time when faith, prayers, grit, and tenacity is all we have and everything that we need. In those times I know that no prayer is ever wasted. Even if we don't always like the outcome, we can proceed to pray for acceptance and trying to figure out how to move on. A friend gave the book Battered Faith to me. For reasons unknown, the friend picks the book for me and asked me to give a 'readers' review. Well, my friend must know me too well for I feel an absolute connection!

Battered Faith by Tanya South is a story of a young woman named Melissa. A beautiful woman with profound faith. Not long after her dream marriage, Melissa realizes she entered a life of deception, abuse, and madness. She has been betrayed and abused by her husband. As a Christian woman, will her faith be strong enough against the abuses and pain to save their marriage? This book persuades you to open your heart and your mind as a person. Battered Faith is astonishing and heart-wrenching. A book written straight from the heart! The author, Tanya South has a captivating way of writing, it's one of a kind, certainly not to be missed book! It merits to be on my shelf and a story to be re-told.

This is the story

When home is supposed to be a sanctuary, for Melissa, home is instead a field of battle. Before Raymond married Melissa, he promised as a husband to love, honor, and cherish his soon-to-be wife. But soon after they are married, Melissa discovers he's not the man she thought he was. Melissa realizes she entered a life of deception, abuse, and madness. When circumstances heat up, things begin to unravel in their marriage and family life. As a Christian woman, she feels torn between making one of two choices―to save her marriage or to save her life. Will she receive the grace to make it through? And what about Raymond? Will he ever change? From the way it looks, it seems impossible.

What Readers Say

"What can I say but, "Beauty for Ashes"! (Isaiah 61:3)God is LOVE and from this he gives grace beyond any NATURAL comprehension. This book was a stunning, and at times gritty, walk into the life of a family that any of us could be living with or next door to. Within it were real characters with real issues. I'm glad that the author wasn't afraid to show the dark places of what is or could be in this world through them.I pray that this book finds all of us who are broken or have been broken by someone else.I would highly recommend this book for the heart of it!! I strongly believe that it took guts to write such a sensitive story. The message that was clear to me was that even as a Christian you can find(or put)yourself in a situation that can get 'Waaaaay Out Of Control' but, God's Love, Grace, Mercy, and POWER will still apply. All we have to do is turn to HIM!!!😊As I finshed reading this book I was reminded also that forgiveness is necessary for the completion of victory. As you read, you'll see what I mean! May God Bless You Always!!!"

Michele Callender, Amazon's Client, Verified Purchase

"This was an easy read, that captivates you into the story from page one to the very end. Why? This could be any person in our circles, such as your sister, your coworkers, neighbor or caregiver, etc. The story details the violence, abuse and terror, that many still face in their households, but yet still unspoken. It also illustrates the internal guilt and shame that one can feel because of the wrong "expectations" that are often associated with religion. It's the moral conflict, the act of deciding to do the right thing because of the "what will people say", that comes from our society. This shows the readers through the caring and loving characters, that hope is out there for those who are in tough situations. Through prayer and faith it also teaches us, that eligion is not to judge or punish you, but to live a fulfilled life. The author leaves us with an act of love such as forgiveness and that one can become a better person. Nice job."

Amazon's Client, Verified Purchase

"I loved this book. It was an easy read that I was able to finish in a couple of hours. The harrowing story of what the protagonist "Melissa" endures during the course of her marriage is heartbreaking. She shows us that her faith in God is what truly keeps her going. Looking forward to more faith based stories from Tanya South."

― Rhonda, Amazon's Client, Verified Purchase

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Tanya South is a native New Yorker, born to parents of Puerto Rican descent from the Bronx. She attended Christian faith-based schools for the first eighteen years of her life; and has a college degree in Marketing, Merchandising, and Creative Design. Tanya has always had a love of writing, from writing poetry to short stories. Tanya's passion is writing stories about faith, hope and love which are inspired by her own true life experiences. She's also worked with and taught small children faith in the church. She is currently working on her third book project. Tanya pours heart and soul into each of her characters and story settings. Happy reading!