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Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. And, No, I am not talking about business meetings and projects. You may delay them. What we can not delay is mending a broken relationship. Let me share a story. It was August 27th, 2001. My sister passed away. We were very close. She was my big sister. She was my best friend until pride eats the limited time away. We made terrible business decisions, or in that case, I made a good choice but made a bad decision. Investments gone. It was trivial. So mundane but we allowed our egos to be bigger than our love. Many phone calls unreturned. Many Christmases were cold. We tried to fix our hang-ups but time would want to teach us a lesson. I was about to call her, I hesitated. One day went by unnoticed. 27th August, she passed away. Cancer. My sister knows how I loved her, dearly. That same day, I made a promise to self...to never put off until tomorrow what I can do today.

The book, Never Give Up Without A Fight reminds me of my sister. In the many days that we were not talking and the days after she learned about her cancer, she kept on writing me notes, not mailed but kept tidy on her study. In her missives, she gives me strength and the hope to carry on. For reasons the letters were not mailed, now I understand.

Do you ever wonder why some people do give up so easily and some inspire us to keep going? The book, Never Give Up Without A Fight by Lee Heiman tells me the HOW in his WHY. This is not an ordinary inspirational story. It has the author's heart beating in it, every word in every page. The happy tone despite the circumstance and how the author mustered to smile back while looking death in the face, and never giving up without a fight. If there is one thing I can do today, is to never put off until tomorrow what I can do today, this book, Never Give Up Without A Fight, could mean another soul finding the strength to carry on and giving families their reasons to smile back. I hope this book was published a little earlier for my sister and I to read.

What Readers Say

"A rivetting and stimulating story of one mans incredible fight to survive. With the support of his family, medical personnel, and friends, Heiman wages a fierce battle against a debilitating disease that positions him at the front of deaths door. An absolute must read especially for those who have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Heiman demonstrates that a strong faith, unwavering perseverance, will to live, combined with a "Never Give Up Without A Fight" mentality and philosophy can counter insurmounstable odds."

Amazon, Verified Purchase

" This is an awe inspiring book written while Lee Heiman was in the battle of his life . this experience plus his music details kept me riveted.woderful read! ”

― Muriel Antokal, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Lee Heiman's personal story to face his disease, and survive, through his will to live, andfight for his life, is inspiring and motivational.”

― Grace Tommins, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

A note from the author

Dear Readers,

“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” Actors great and small, dying or not, like to bandy those words about.

Well, they should try doing both sometime.

For several months I lay in a hospital bed, barely able to move. Although there were times when death might have been preferable, I refused to give in. My life didn’t so much flash before my eyes as it did a slow tease, and I drew strength, peace, humility, and even laughter from those memories. They helped me survive, push forward, push past my disease and my situation to become a stronger, better person.

Now I ask you to take the same journey with me (minus the gruel that passes for hospital food, that is). Come with me as we try to re-rail the crazy train that has been my life so far. Not only will you see the ordeal that my family and I went through over the course of nearly two years, but you will also catch a glimpse of what made me who I am today; from childhood fistfights to my attempts to manage various bands, every memory provided me with a reason to keep moving forward.

And after it’s all said and done, I think you, too, will realize that you should Never Give up Without a Fight.

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A forty year veteran of the music industry, Lee Heiman was one of the first artist merchandisers in the US to represent such artists as U2 and Michael Jackson. While expanding his experience to the world of music marketing, he managed the multi-platinum band Sugar Ray and as an executive producer of live events , he has produced large scale music events around the world including the Rolling Rock Town Fair, the Bermuda Jazz Festival, the Ultra Music Festival and Global Gathering. His company Track Marketing Group provides him with the foundation to pursue his passion: promoting national brands through the power of music. Lee currently lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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