A Cook's Companion: The All-in-One Complete Meals Cookbook by Max Higgins

A cook's companion. What's your definition of a good cookbook? Or perhaps the more fitting question should be, ' when was the last time you cook in the companion of a cookbook?'Listening to my colleagues exchanging opinions on MSG and what's a complete meal replacement diet is a lesson in how to enjoy a good meal and a good company. I always hunt magazines and my mother's shelves for easy-to-follow recipes not for beginners but for someone wanting to experience the joy of preparing food. Got some pointers? The book The All-In-One Complete Meals CookBook is a pleasure both culinary and literary. The author, Max Higgins has created a perfect cook's companion. The book not only brings pure delight, measuring cups, and calories but fun memories. Max Higgins said, " I have compiled these recipes to form a complete cookbook as every family whether small or large needs an accurate and functional cookbook to provide balanced and nutritional meals."

I am on page 35. Will I make it perfect? Max Higgins knows what goes into the mind of a cook. " A good cookbook provides detailed instructions to help aid anyone in producing quality meals. Such as an inexperienced cook gaining experience through its pages whether you are planning a 'long' meal, a quick lunch, freezing, or preserving, a good cookbook will rescue you every time and assist you with prompt and satisfactory meals."

While every 'new' cook boast the nutritional benefits of a home-cooked meal that is almost beside the point. What makes a cook's creation truly special is how inarguably delicious they are . " The greatest accomplishment of all, to a cook, is when her family will forgo a drive through for a home-cooked supper or a quick lunch no matter what the hour." Oh what a delight!

This book indeed gives me something to chew on.

Letter from Max Higgins

" One must always remember that an assortment of really substantial recipes is the most important contribution to any satisfying kitchen.

Your family should always exhibit signs of enjoyment and good health from your meals. Therefore, they will look forward to a home cooked meal and go away content and satisfied every time.

I felt the most aromatic and flavour to any meal began with fresh vegetables grown in my own garden.

The greatest accomplishment of all, to a cook, is when her family will forgo a drive through for a home-cooked supper or a quick lunch no matter what the hour. I hope you have satisfaction and enjoy each of these recipes as I had preparing and trying them."

Max Higgins

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Max Higgins has a degree in business administration. She is a trained baker and cook for local restaurant. " I discovered that I really like typing so decided to write novels and a cook book with recipes from my own grown foods in my garden.

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