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Human trafficking is a cruel crime that affects most of the world. But, is it really as far away as we think? Or, is the danger closer to home than what we imagine?

More adventures, trials, and upheavals are upon the world of Darcy Farthing. A smart yet flawed woman, Darcy finds herself in the midst of her personal trials and crime-fighting trauma in Las Vegas. Darcy, coming from a trying upbringing into a smart and very opinionated scientist lives through the story with a point of view that can only come from someone who has dealt with a lot in life. A humanist, and innately moral individual, she struggles with her past mistakes and setbacks with consequences that insist on following her throughout her life. Follow her as she ventures to unravel this often hidden crime as the reader is taken into the exploitation, deception, and coercion of innocent people who have found themselves in a situation so far from what they have dreamed of in life.

Currents of Sin opens the reader's awareness of the realities of human trafficking, how it preys on the most vulnerable and how it benefits their predators.

The story paints a very clear and realistic picture of some of the inner workings of human trafficking. It makes the readers aware of some of the motivations that spur this very inhumane crime. It also highlights how it affects its victims and its implications for society as a whole. The book manages to depict a disturbing topic but in a hopeful and uplifting tone. Darcy Farthing, a well-meaning yet sometimes troubled character manages to untangle the complexities of this subject as the story progresses. She also unravels the trials and tribulations of her personal life as she rises to the many obstacles in this journey.

The final installment of the Darcy Farthing Adventure series, Currents of Sin by Arleen Alleman, is a compelling read that touches on many themes including religion, PTSD, abiding love and friendship, crime fighting, terrorism, and psychosis.

What Readers Say

" If you care about the intense suffering that goes hand in hand with global human trafficking, challenge your understanding of the problem with Author Arleen Alleman’s newest suspense-filled psychological fictional drama, meticulously researched and skillfully written will underscore the danger that awaits teenage runaways in America. With the tension of time ticking way, lives on the line and bold, unrelenting evil will cause your heart to race and blood boil as innocent young lives are terrorized and devalued on the altar of greed. I share a couple of quotes in order to draw you into the story."

Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" This author masterfully tackles the difficult subject of human trafficking in her newest novel. She portrays the desperate plight of teenage runaways with a tone of compassion but also shines a ray of hope into the bleak situation. (In the narrative she describes social outreach programs for the victims that might make a difference.) It is obvious that she researched the subject matter extensively."

—Diane Rapp, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

A very well written book which has a very believable plot. As always I will be honest and did struggle at first due to the book being very busy with quite a few different characters and plots going on. However, as soon as I had worked out who was who and the different plots I started to enjoy the book much more. The events written in the book are disturbing as, although it is fiction, scenes like this are happening worldwide and I believe the author did a fantastic job researching into it. I liked the fact that all stories tied in and at the end it tells you what happened to whom. The book was very fast paced and kept you in suspense. A very talented author. I would recommend this book to fans of thriller, suspense and mystery.

― Kirsty W, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

A note from the author

" Nearly ten years ago, fantastic cruises around Cape Horn, South America, became my inspiration to begin writing fiction. This was a life-long dream that remained dormant until later in life. My earlier non-fiction writing at the U.S. Government Accountability Office was journalistic in style and extremely diverse. The first two books in the series are set on cruises around South America, where all the major characters meet onboard the ship and bond as a result of their life-altering experiences. For good and evil, their lives become deeply intertwined.

Early on, I realized that creating realism was very important to me along with contemporary social frameworks for the stories. Family dilemmas and humor are also important elements. To that end, Darcy Farthing is a well-meaning but flawed realist. As a scientist, humanist, and innately moral individual, she struggles with her past mistakes and setbacks, some of which have lasting consequences. Every title includes the word current, which is a symbol of Darcy’s philosophy."

Currents of Sin is the final installment of Darcy Farthing's five-year adventures. I have to say it is a bitter-sweet experience to end her literary life, and the lives of Mick, Rachael, Sid, Don and Charlie, and the rest. I hope my readers will find satisfaction in the resolution of the characters' tribulations, and the compelling story of human traffickers preying on homeless teens in Las Vegas. I look forward to hearing from you through reviews here on amazon, or on my website: Happy reading!

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Arleen Alleman is a former senior analyst with the Government Accountabililty Office, where she wrote extensively on many topics ranging from satellite systems to endangered species. She has a Biology education and has also worked as a fashion model, insurance adjuster, jewelry designer, and owner of a home decor shop. Her interests include health and fitness, religious history, travel, and she is an avid reader. Born in England and raised in New Hampshire and Nevada, she has lived in Colorado for many years. For more information about the author, visit her website at

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