Book Discovery: Slaying a Harpy: Tales of Curtis Hall by L. A. Matthies

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Every teenager needs a once in a lifetime adventure. For some, this adventure will be a great memory to look back on. For others, it will be a life-defining event that will shape their characters forever.

But, what if, your once in a lifetime adventure is one that was never planned and involves creatures that you never thought you will ever meet? Creatures you never even dreamt that existed. Will courage be enough to defeat the dangers that lurk in every corner? Will friendship be strong enough?

There are many types of adventures. Some are planned and highly anticipated. Some, on the other hand, are unexpectedly stumbled upon.

This is the exciting story of Tristen, Billy, and Sasha. Three best friends whose goal, just like most teens, was to fit in with everyone at their new school. This was the goal until they stumbled into a deep secret that will lead them to encounter the mysteries, the secrets, and the dangers that await them at every turn.

The trio is faced with their individual obstacles. One is subjected to the Harpy's powers of mind control. Another falls inexplicably in love with this deadly mythological beast. The third, the only remaining hope to save his friends, is forced to train as a hunter. It may be one adventure for these three best friends; however, they are faced with three different obstacles.

Slaying a Harpy: Tales of Curtis Hall is a thrilling read and an adventure where you will meet friendly immortal vampires and a harpy, a mythological beast possessing the power to control minds.

Ultimately, this is a story of enduring friendship that is tested in the most unusual way―the challenge to defeat a powerful mythological creature. Find out if their experience and skills will be enough to get them out of danger. Will they come out of this adventure complete and unscathed? Follow the characters and their new-found immortal friends as they find themselves in a once in a lifetime adventure.

What Readers Say

" First of all, if you haven't read the first book in this series and want to experience the most interesting, mysterious, and magical boarding school since Hogwarts, then go and read it first. If you were a fan of the first book, like I was, then you will know that the similarity to Hogwarts referred to above is that it and Curtis Hall are boarding schools and that is all. The world of Curtis Hall is vastly different as is the mystical nature of the series - and that is a good thing.

Now to what made Slaying A Happy a great addition to the series, and in the end a better book than its predecessor: first off the writing (and I would go as far as to say the editing) is much better. Ms. Matthies has done a wonderful job developing the principle characters through better dialog, more background information, and some terrific descriptive writing of the locations and even the situations. The words flowed in this book and thus did the story. It seemed the characters, especially the ones like Billy and Sasha, came more to life. I really loved how Pietro became even more interesting - almost antihero-like. What also helped this book excel as a sequel was the Harpy element, which really made it unique and more enjoyable. I don't want to give anything away is I'll just say again if you were a fan of the first book you will really love this one and the direction the author has gone."

—E-LO, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Back from a small hiatus to continue the story started in the first novel, Matthies does a great job getting the reader straight into the action. The characters are changed from the events in the first book, but still have their enjoyable quirks as well as the friendship between them. The different perspectives and timeline shifts give the story a larger feel. I personally enjoyed the mythological references throughout the novel and found that they give a richer texture to the story as a whole. I’m unsure how many books this series is going to be, perhaps enough to have the kids finish high school? Sasha was definitely my favorite during this novel and I’m excited to see her growth as the story continues. Pietro is that classic villain who always manages to escape even though his plans are awful. I don’t know why but I find it so funny when rants at his “minions”. I honestly can’t wait to find out what his scheme to get back at Marcella in the next book will be!"

—Bianca, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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L.A. Matthies has a professional career in hairdressing and cosmetology. She and her husband have three children and live in New York. Matthies divides her time between her new book and supporting her three children in achieving their academic, athletic and personal goals. Surviving Curtis Hall is her debut book.

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