Special Feature: Happy's Majical Christmas Tree by Jaci M

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Love comes in all shapes and sizes. And, if we're lucky, they come in a four-legged, furry bundle! Introducing Happy, a handsome giant of a dog with an even bigger heart. His yuletide adventure with his human, Joy, is chronicled in this light but touching read.

Happy's Majical Christmas Tree is a furry-tailed story about the joy of Christmas and experiencing a once in a lifetime love and friendship. It is a story inspired by the author's dog Turkey, a gentle giant who's loving and playful puppy heart he has carried even into his wisdom age.

This book is a touching tribute to honor Turkey whose spirit name is Happy. Every reader who has had a real connection with their pets will find that this story will resonate with them.

Anyone at any age who has had an adorable pet will agree that they are loyal friends, a part of the family, and lifelong loves. This book celebrates that connection. It also prompts the readers to tap into the relationship that they have with themselves and with one another. We can all learn from Happy's example of unconditional love and realize that we all have something good and magical to share with others.

Enjoy this lovely story of friendship between a dog named Happy and his beloved human Joy. This is a story for all ages no matter what type of pet you have welcomed into your family. This is a light-hearted Christmas read that really can be enjoyed throughout the year. Each of us can benefit from tapping into our inner child once in a while.

Ultimately, Happy's Majical Christmas Tree is a story of love. A type of love that is pure and unconditional. After enjoying this book with your loved ones, furry or otherwise, may it serve as an inspiration to love more and love often.

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A little about me and mini backstory The main reason I wrote my book Happy's Majical Christmas Tree is because I love my dog. This is one of the many ways that my family and I are honoring his life and all the joy he brought to us and this world. I'm also a self proclaimed nature-loving hermit so it's quite lovely that my family and I choose to live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Oh and my spirit animals: Wolves, rabbits, squirrels, ladybugs, horses, golden eagles & okay my list goes on like a sideways 8!

I adore my family, food (organic about 80% of the time), nature, reading, writing, creating, and the fantastical. I'm different but I'm good* As always, I appreciate you all for connecting and for listening. From my heart to yours, thank you and I love you!

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