Book-In-Focus: " The Xing " by Gary James

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Seven colors of the rainbow. Seven musical letters. What's in the number? If there is a meaning to a number, is there a meaning to everything? Even the greatest mind since Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking tackles the question: Is there a purpose to our existence?

Writer and published author Gary James shares the backstory of his latest creation, The Xing. " What inspired the creation of this six-story novella were some of the conversions between myself, neighbors and coworkers. .... The deep questions that give persons' a pause were the inspiration behind the writings of much of the content."

This is not your usual utopian novel. The Xing is a series of short stories that are more complex and detailed than the traditional short story, yet more simple and brief than the novel.

When Ted Johnson meets Rodney Machnois by chance and finds both of themselves enlightening each other's questions about life. " Maybe you're supposed to be here. ... that you being here is an act of God." Rodney said.

The story is fast building and delivered through thought-provoking dialogues between characters. There is plenty of carefully constructed but simply worded dialogues to stir your hearts to find the meaning of your life's purpose. The Xing is a faith builder book that guides readers to see God's purposes for our lives.

This is a must-read for everyone seeking to find the meaning of life.

Note: Now available. Click here

Gary, after his days at a Theological Seminary in Toronto has since continued his passion for writing. He was written several articles on contemporary related topics. Only recently, a childhood passion for creative writing has re-emerged; which is an element he wants to add to his work. He currently lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

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