Special Feature: Poems For Your Heart by Jen Kimberley

July 29, 2018





It's Robert Frost who said; " Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought, and the thought has found words." This is so true! I found pure and strong emotions in every word of Poems For Your Heart by Jen Kimberley. The book is a collection of fifty-seven poems, eclectic recollections and impressions of life that author Jen Kimberley kept carefully locked and safe in her heart for twenty years until their publication.


Poetry has a special place in me. Not so many years ago, attempting to silence the noise of my everyday battles, I listened to music, discovered and read books, and devoured poems almost daily by both known and unknown authors. While some poems are dark and melancholy, Jen's are light and straight from her heart. Her book is well named.



It actually found me at an awkward time. It was given to me by a friend who asked me to provide an independent review free from any influence ― a plain objective review. The timing was not perfect. I was heading up a project to market a three-book deal with a best selling author ― one of my biggest deals. But I obliged, thinking the book would freshen and clear my mind. How right I was! Poems For Your Heart brought me peace and delight! The author is fascinating and sincere in the way she writes, finding joy even in the mundane and  peace even in grief. As Abdul Kalam said, “Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow.” And so the book, Poems For Your Heart does indeed find a home in my heart and will stay with me.



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Jen Kimberley was born and raised in Australia and obtained her B.A. in English at Sydney University. For a living, she has worked as a technical writer then as a web content writer, and has also been a violinist for forty-five years. " So words and notes have been the ingredients of my life's creativity. I have more poems and hope to publish them when more have accumulated. My first published book was A Child's Guide to Sydney (Angus & Robertson, 1977). My second was My Cancer Survival Saga – And How You Could Star in Yours (Balboa Press, 2016). Poems For Your Heart is my third book."​













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