Book Talk: The Lost Girl: A Spiritual Autobiography of an Encounter with Death by Natalie Harte

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The Lost Girl chronicles the author's fast-paced life, a reckless and self-destructive path. A series of traumatic events have broken her core and spirit. From the outside, you see a woman who is put together and what other people might consider complete. However, on the inside, is an individual who is barely surviving and desperately in need of healing.

This is a story of a woman who has experienced so many traumatic events that have left her hopeless. This hopeless place is very familiar to those who have been in a situation in life where it seems that there is no way out. Whether or not the hurt is apparent, the pain resonates with those who at some point has felt it and to those who are still suffering through it.

This book is also journey to the beginning. It journeys into the author's early life, a happier place. It looks at a place where she gravitated towards her faith in God. It also shines the light on the trauma and suffering that has pulled her away from it. Although she has seen a lot of miracles in her life, those were not enough to help her find her way again.

Until, one significant turning point. At age 35, the "Lost Girl" has experienced a cardiac arrest in the hospital. She never wanted to speak about it. In this book, she recounts her experiences for the first time.

The stirring in her soul that kept her awake in the wee hours of the morning confirmed her calling to write this book so that others may learn from her own experience.

Suffering can be an unlikely source of hope. This book is a compelling story of one person's spiritual journey from being broken to becoming whole and victorious. Her life is a testimony of true spiritual healing, finding peace, and experiencing love all over again. The lost girl has been found.

What Readers Say

“The words from Zech. 3:2 come to mind as I read this book "Is not this a brand plucked from the fire?". John Wesley the great evangelist referred to this verse when recalling how as a boy he was plucked from his burning house and saved for a life of great influence on the Gospel Kingdom. Natalie was indeed plucked from a life of destruction of her own making through bad choices and through the actions of others. Yet like Francis Thompson's great poem "The Hound of Heaven" Natalie the hare was followed by the hound of God by Divine grace who was able to track her down in the end and bring her home where she belongs. It took a life time of ups and downs and wrong turns but God's hand was clearly upon her for a purpose that she eventually comes to realize. For those looking to find all theological points wrapped up in a neat bow this book does not do that. But for those looking see what amazing grace is all about and what someone with a tender heart that was too easily led off in the wrong direction it is an amazing journey to read about. The author was a former student of mine at the Christian school she mentions in her book and I am always pleased to know more about how students' lives progress after I have last seen them as 18 year olds. We all live by God's grace and mercy and it is heartening to see how God continues to watch over them. William Cowper who suffered so much mental anguish in his lifetime wrote these words "There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins; and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains." The Lost Girl indeed was found.”

—Gary B. Adams, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Natalie Harte has been so open and shared what few people are willing to do. This is truly a story of God's grace. A story that shows what her Heavenly Father did to bring back one of His lost sheep. God will go to the ends of the earth in order to bring us home. We often read stories of those who die and encounter Heaven but I don't think I have ever read someone write about what separation from God looks like. If you want a reminder of how important it is to stay close to God read this book. I started it and finished it the next day. Thanks for sharing the story of Jesus and his love for His children in a new and refreshing way."

Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Having grown up with Natalie, this book not only evoked memories of the Miami we know and love, but also tapped into a profound truth: That each person carries with their own stories more than can be seen on the outside. Natalie's honesty is refreshing, and it offers hope that the way a life begins is not the way it has to finish."

― Michael L. Khandjian, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Natalie Harte has lived life hard and fast. She was born beautiful and smart. As a child of divorce, Natalie lived with a broken heart. As a young mother at nineteen, she struggled with her own identity. While trying to raise two children, she threw herself into several marriages and careers. She learned how to survive any way possible. Finding herself lost and feeling abandoned, she wrestled with death many times. Finally, after a spiritual awakening, she would strive to overcome many obstacles and would ultimately find the peace and love she was looking for.