Book Discovery: The Blades of Auturius: Book II Artorius Rise by David Schleifer

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How far are you willing to go in the name of honor? What are you willing to do in the name of love?

In any period in history, in stories real or imagined, there are concepts that are constant to the human struggle. The will of man. The love of a woman. The thirst for blood. The lust for power. These are just some of the motivating forces that have produced heroes and villains in us. This is the story told in the second book of the Arthurian Legends. Merlin returns with the son of Lucias Auturius Castus to be trained in the halls of House Gracchus and become a Gladiator. This is not only the path to becoming a great warrior. This is also the path that would remove the sword of Excalibur from the stone. The sword that will lead him to fall in love with a woman called Guinevere.

Guinevere is not just any woman. She is a woman sought after by many men as much as they seek power. An entire nation will war and be plunged into battle and blood in the name of honor, love, and ultimately power.

This book is a riveting retelling of the Arthurian legends. It is a story familiar to all. However, in its many retelling, a lot of interesting facts have been brushed off to fit the mold of a fantasy.

While this book is fiction, historical elements and actual locations are included to accurately paint the setting of that time. This book explores a Sarcophagus of a Roman First Spear named Lucias Auturius Castus that lead the sixth Legion from the River Danube to Britannica. This is carried out under the orders of Caesar Marcus Aurelius about the time of 170 AD.

It also takes into account a colony of Egyptians lived along the shores of the Black Sea about the same time period. There are many new tidbits in this retelling that are not found in other tales. These well-researched facts tie the story together and highlight new angles that have not been explored as much before.

The Blades of Auturius: Book II Artorius Rise this a story of war, conflict, politics, and intrigue. But it also incorporates the classic tale of romance, reminding the reader that whether fiction or otherwise, and in any era, the pursuit of love and the preservation of a legacy still prevail.

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David Schleifer was born in Queens, New York, and relocated to Miami Florida in 1972. A prolific writer of Science Fiction Military and Sword Fantasy. His first book, "Battlecruiser - Prototype" was originally written in 1987 as "Flight of the Pegasus." His background knowledge extends to martial arts including, Karate, Kendo, Aikido and currently Iaido.

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