Book Discovery: Two Good Deals by Ken & Shirley Deal

Book Discovery: Two Good Deals by Ken Deal_The BookWalker

There are many reasons to want to write a book. Some do it because they want to be famous. Others write because it’s a fun, albeit difficult, way to make money. Some others write books because they have stories in their heads that they just want to share with the world. And then some people do it because they want to leave a written record of their lives for the future generations of their family to read. The latter is the reason why Ken and Shirley Deal wrote Two Good Deals.

Two Good Deals is a record of Ken and Shirley’s life. And oh, what a life it has been! Ken and Shirley have spent almost seven decades together. They grew up thousands of miles apart during the Great Depression. By the time they got married on December 2, 1949, both have lived full lives that are no doubt worth recording and reading. Two Good Deals gives us accounts of what it was like for both and Ken and Shirley growing up. We read about their time in school, their first jobs, and their careers. Several chapters focus on Ken’s time in the military, from the time he spent on basic training to his first duty station and until his last years at Andrews AFB. We also get a taste of family history in the form of stories from Ken’s ancestors — from their time in Germany to their move to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Missouri, and finally, to Collin County in Texas.

Two Good Deals is a lovely account of one couple’s life together. It is a beautiful retelling of a family that has lived through tough times and came out stronger and tighter. Two Good Deals is a thoughtful gift that Ken and Shirley have written for their children and their children’s children. This history of the Deal family is a true treasure for many generations of Deals.

But more importantly, Two Good Deals serves as an inspiration for anyone who wants to find their reason to write. This book is a testament that anyone’s life experiences can be shaped and molded to form a story. Ken and Shirley shared that “Many who have read our book, only wish that they had the desire to put into words their life experiences. We hope the ease of reading the accounts of our lives, separately and together will stimulate others to put in writing history for their children, grandchildren and those to follow. It is really easier than you think and a great legacy to leave behind.”

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Ken and Shirley Lee Taylor have many things in common. Ken grew up in Texas and Shirley grew up in Maryland on farms during the depression. Each had very early family responsibilities looking after parents. Each was the only remaining child at home with aging parents. Each was the only High School graduate in their family. Kenneth participated in sports while Shirley was the sports editor in her school paper. Each became Christians at early age.